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Get your batteries Juiced up!

Getting a charger seems like such a simple task. Got two batteries? Get the cheapest charger that holds them but we are here to tell you there’s much more thought that needs to go into your chargers. There are a lot of cheap chargers today on the market, but with a cheap charger, you also get cheap performance. Unfortunately, the government standards don’t equal the best 18650 battery charger.

They may be passable but you can be doing harm to the batteries you love by overheating, killing lifespan, etc…. Not to mention the lack of safety features we here at Coil to Cloud feel are necessary. We want you to feel safe while your batteries are on the charger but also know that they are getting the best charge possible so when you go to hit your vape you can hit with confidence!

You don’t have to break the bank but there are some key considerations you should have when choosing your charger!

Best 18650 Battery Charger Considerations

Now we hope you’ve read our post on the Best 18650 Batteries (The Definitive Guide To Vape Batteries). Even if you haven’t we know your goal in reading this post is to not only safely charge your batteries but get the best lifespan you can out of them. Let’s face it money doesn’t grow on trees; we don’t want to be replacing batteries all the time. Whether you’re a small time vaper with only a few or a cloud chucking monster with a big collection, we will help you choose the best charger for your goals. To get started let’s look at the 4 main considerations you need to think of when you choose the best 18650 battery charger. Our guys at Coil to Cloud use these in every charger decision they’ve made and came up with this list.

These are the absolute minimum qualifications you need !

1. Accuracy

2. Storage

3. Speed

4. Safety

Convenience Features?

We all want to be the coolest kid on the block with the fancy charger, but when it comes down to it a text message alert that your batteries are done charging just isn’t necessary. Cool? Heck yes. Necessary? No. When we made this list of the best 18650 battery chargers we didn’t consider convenience features because our team felt like the added cost was unnecessary. Coil to Cloud leaves your self-expression from sweet features to you. We will talk about some awesome features later on but in the end, giving your batteries a long lifespan and safe charge won out.


It’s important that your charger accurately charges at 4.2 volts; this is the optimal charging voltage. Unfortunately, some chargers we’ve found (mainly cheap ones) don’t have the proper accuracy. They may say one thing on the screen but when a multimeter was used to test the real values it was wrong. Charging at above or below this value can do lifespan damage to your battery, not to mention the safety concerns of too high a voltage causing your battery to overheat. If you want the best 18650 battery charger it has to start with charging the battery with proper accuracy.


As vapers we are all different, some do this as a hobby while some may just need their vape to stay away from cigarettes. No matter who you are, how many batteries you need to charge at once is an important attribute for the best 18650 battery charger to have. The smallest storage high-quality charger our guys have found is two 18650 batteries. Good for the basic user who hits the vape all day and charges their set at night. But for those cloud chuckers or mech mod users out there you might need a bit more storage; that’s where the 4 and 8 storage chargers shine.


 We all know that time that we forgot to throw our favorite batteries on the charger; it sucks because you know that they are going to take at least an hour to charge if not more. It’s at this moment we open a browser and start looking for a speed charger “charge in 15min or less!”. There’s a problem with this idea- a 18650 battery is designed not to charge at high amp levels. Why you ask? Because charging any faster will significantly damage your battery’s lifespan. Making the best 18650 battery charger into a battery destroying charger.

We here at Coil to Cloud don’t recommend charging quicker than 1 amp even if your charger has the ability to. Better yet charging at .5 amp will assist in your battery’s long and happy lifespan. Now the choice is up to you but do you choose safety and long lifespan or quick convenient charge while having to replace your batteries. Here’s a quick tip from our experts, get a charger with more storage. Say you use 2 batteries a day, if you have 4 batteries charged at all times you will always be ahead of the game when there’s that one day you forget to charge.


To call your charger the best 18650 battery charger it needs the highest priority safety! Nowadays with technology where it’s at there is no excuse to have an unsafe charger. What safety features are you looking for? Overcharging protection- we all know that if you continue to charge your batteries after they have completed their charge it can do damage to their lifespan. Not only that but you can run the risk of overheating your batteries and starting a fire!

You want short circuit protection and reverse polarity. These are just some of the main features you should have. In some of the new chargers, they’re implementing something called soft start. It’s a great function that starts at low power and builds up to charging at its full rate adding lifespan and safety.

Follow the top four qualifications and you will have a high performing battery charger!

The best 18650 battery chargers

We are going to show you the best 18650 battery chargers in groups according to capacity two, four, and eight etc… that way you can choose based on how many batteries you need to keep juiced up. In each category, we are going to show you the best our experts here at Coil to Cloud have been able to find.

Top 3 Two-Bay Battery Chargers

1.Nitecore SC2

best 18650 charger

Nicore is a well-known brand in the vaping charger industry and they are known for putting out great products; this charger is no different. Known for its speed this charger can juice up your batteries in as little as 1.5 hours. Capable of charging all types of batteries, if a two bay charger is all you need this will be the only best 18650 battery charger you will ever want.

It boasts all the safety protection you will ever need such as reverse polarity, short circuit protection, over time charging safety, auto detection of non-chargeable batteries, temperature monitoring, and automatic current selection.

If you want a safe charger that can charge all types of batteries and has the ability to charge from a cigarette adapter this is the charger for you! The only downside our team found is the price can be quite steep, for some averaging around $39 US  but you are definitely getting more than what you are paying for. It’s a powerful charger in a small package perfect for our two bay vapers out there.

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best 18650 charger

While the XTAR VC2 PLUS might not be as fast as some chargers it still comes with a beautiful design and the ability to charge most size batteries. You have the option to choose a .5A or 1A charging speed and change its current to meet the needs of the batteries you supply. One of the huge perks of this charger is the amazing LCD screen, letting you see a countdown timer till your battery is fully charged and all the relevant real-time battery information.

It might be a cheaper option at $20 US average but it doesn’t skimp on safety. It has soft start technology to lengthen battery life, reverse polarity protection, short circuits protection, 0V activation, and auto stop mode to make sure your batteries only get the charge they need.

The small size, ability to charge from a cigarette adapter and the unique ability to also serve as a power bank make it the best 18650 battery charger for the vaper on the go. Love road trips? Need a charger to throw in your bag? This is the charger for you!


3.XTAR SV2 Rocket

best 18650 charger

With the XTAR SV2 Rocket, we bring another speed charger to you. Like the Nitecore SC2 this charger is known to charge batteries in 1.5 hours and that’s a 3000mAH battery. Each bay is able to charge at 2 amps making even the biggest batteries bow down to its power. You also have variability being able to charge small and large batteries alike and not having to worry about your small batteries. If you simply don’t want to speed charge there is an option to lower the amps charge rate.

What about safety you ask? Well, it has all the best features: three-stage charging algorithm, 0V activation, overcharge protection, reverse polarity, and short circuit protection. The beautiful LCD screen, though not as big as some, shows you all the relevant real-time battery information. Our team of vapers wants to stress one thing when using speed chargers such as this make sure to know the ability of your batteries to accept amps so that you don’t charge them faster than intended.

Do you want a compact charger with speed? Ability to charge not just your 18650 batteries but all types? Then this is the best 18650 battery charger for you. At a $28 average, it’s not the most expensive and delivers lots of features you would see in a higher grade 4 bay charger.


Top 3 Four-Bay Battery Chargers


best 18650 battery charger

The EFEST LUC V4 is the first of the 4 bay chargers we will cover. Our team thought this was worthy of being called a best 18650 battery charger because of its many features at a relatively low price. One of its unique features is it can act as a power bank for your USB devices. Need to charge up your phone on the go? No problem the EFEST LUC V4 has you covered.

It can also charge your batteries on the go using its power bank, though not at the same speed we thought it was a cool feature to be included. Want to charge up in the car? No problem, this charger comes with a car adapter as well; this charger is loaded for the on the go vaper. Our Coil to Cloud members loved using this as a group charger when hanging out with friends; the versatility was amazing.

It also gets the safety stamp of approval with 4 different protection features- overcharging protection, over voltage protection, short circuit and reverse polarity protection. It also has some basic features that we’ve come to expect of good chargers such as automatically detecting the battery inputted and adjusting its charging mode.

An LCD screen that shows all your relevant real-time battery information and has the option to charge at .5A, 1A, and 2A with an average price of $30 US makes this charger a steal. If you’re looking for a good safe and trip friendly charger look no further this is the best 18650 battery charger for you.



best 18650 battery charger

The XTAR VC4 might not have all the bells and whistles of other devices but if you want a safe cool reliable charger it’s a great pick. What does the XTAR VC4 have going for it? Well for one the LCD screen looks great; we thought the meter look was a great touch same as other great chargers the screen shows all your batteries’ relevant information. Like all the other chargers we recommend it charges each bay independently.

It’s not your fastest charger though only using 2 bays each will charge at 1amp. If all four bays are in use each bay only charges at .5 amp so if quick charging is a necessary feature then you’d best pass this product by. On the flip side though the slower speed keeps the charger cool and lengthens your battery life.

Safety features with the XTAR VC4 compete with all the best 18650 battery chargers, though with a three-stage charging algorithm, overheat protection, built-in reverse polarity and short circuit protection, under voltage lockout, self-start functionality, and automatically stops charging when complete. The XTAR VC4 will also detect the type of batteries you put in and adjust the charging mode to them.

At an average of $20 US this charger is at the low-cost end for four bay chargers but you don’t have to fear, you are getting a reliable and safe charger, just not all the bells and whistles. This charger is for the vaper on a budget that wants a simple solution without any extras.

3.NiteCore Digicharger D4

Best 18650 Charger

The NiteCore Digicharger D4 is definitely a more expensive option at $30 US average but is loaded with features and looks good to boot. It has an amazing LCD screen with real-time relevant battery information and big bright battery indicators to see where your charge is at. Now we know this is about the best 18650 battery chargers but here at Coil to Cloud we believe in versatility and getting the most out of your money. With that said the NiteCore Digicharger D4 has the ability to not just charge 18650 batteries but all types.

It has a night charge function that turns off the screen so you don’t have those pesky blinking lights in your room as you’re trying to sleep. Not needed but we thought it was a nice feature. With reverse polarity protection, automatically stops when batteries are full, temperature monitoring to prevent overheating and overcharge protection it has all the safety features you would ever need.

If you want a charger that looks great and can charge all kinds of batteries while keeping everything safe this is the charger for you. We know most vapers use the 18650 but if you’re one that likes to dabble in bigger or smaller size batteries and needs a four-bay charger then look no further.

Top 3 Six-Eight Bay Battery Chargers

Six and eight bay chargers aren’t something most people think about when they want to buy a new charger but we here at Coil to Cloud love supplying info for the vapers out there that might not be mainstream. A six-bay charger is for the people out there that have a 3 battery mod; the typical 4 bay charger just won’t do it for them. The eight-bay chargers are for the at home power vaper with a big collection of batteries, shops, or that vaper that loves to be prepared when hanging with fellow vaper friends.

1. XTAR MC6 Queen Ant

best 18650 battery charger

The XTAR MC6 Queen Ant was a no-brainer when we thought about the best 18650 battery charger because it’s portable, cost-effective and sleek. At $30 average US you’re getting a 6 bay charger that can take all kinds of batteries; you’re not limited to just your typical 18650s. The screen is a beautiful LCD that shows your real-time battery information. The compact design is complemented by a two micro USB charging system so you can charge anywhere you need to. If you only have one cable connected or the power supply is lower then the charger will adjust its charging current to correspond. It’s one of the best six-bay chargers we’ve found for the traveling vaper.

Saftey features are in the green as we’ve come to expect of all XTAR chargers. Recondition of over discharged batteries, extra low safe input voltage, temperature monitoring, and reverse polarity/short circuit protection. Each port charges individually- either 1amp if four are in the charger or .5 amp when all six slots are full. The XTAR MC6 Queen Ant might not be a charger with all the bells and whistles but when it comes to safely and efficiently charge six batteries for a killer price we couldn’t find anything better.


2.Enova Gyrfalcon All-88

best 18650 battery charger

The Enova Gyrfalcon All-88 has stood as a pinnacle of eight bay battery chargers for some time and for good reason. At its core is a simple charger, not too fast and doesn’t have a lot of fancy options but when you need a truckload of batteries charged this is your charger. Like most of our top chargers, the Enova Gyrfalcon All-88 comes with an LCD screen that shows battery charging information for each port and auto power off function so when your batteries are done charging the port will shut down. Its flexible charging system allows you to charge all kinds of batteries while it adjusts to what they need.

It doesn’t win any prizes for safety features but the core ones are there, such as reverse polarity and overheating protection. A $50 average US can seem steep but we can guarantee that you will have a simple functioning and safe charger that will last you a long time and be worthy of the best 18650 battery charger stamp of approval.

3.Nitecore i8

best 18650 battery charger

Eight bay charges have never been about fancy features or quick speeds and the Nitecore i8 follows suit. When it comes right down to it there’s not much to talk about, a simple safe charger that does its job and does it well. Compatible with various types of batteries, USB slots to charge other devices and affordable at $43 US average.

When it comes to safety no special features but your important ones are there such as appropriate voltage/charging mode, overcharge prevention, reverse polarity, and short circuit protection. While it comes at a lower price than most eight bay chargers there is no LCD screen showing real-time battery information, just lights to indicate charge level for some that might be a deal breaker. If you want a simple charger with the ability to charge not only your batteries but your phone etc.. through USB and save space this charger is for you.

Best 18650 Battery Charger Final Talk

You now not only have all the tools you need to know if your favorite charger can be considered to be the best 18650 battery charger but also have a list of Coil to Cloud approved options. Now we know this list isn’t extensive; there are far more excellent battery chargers out there. We leave finding them up to you, just remember to follow our four necessary attributes.

1. Accuracy

2. Storage

3. Speed

4. Safety

If you have any questions about batteries or battery chargers follow us on social media and ask your question we would love to hear from you!

Till then charge up safely and keep vaping!

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