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Don’t Chase Clouds, Make Them!

Determining what the best cloud chasing mod is can be a very touchy subject. Builds, mods, atomizers, juices, etc. Can all play a factor in determining cloud quantity/density? We determined the best cloud chasing mods were the following:

Aegis Legend

Voopoo Drag

Smok GX350

RX Gen 3

GeekVape Blade

Smoant Cylon

Smok Alien 220w

What Is The Best Cloud Chasing Mod?

If your still here, we should explain a little more in-depth on why we chose these specific devices for cloud blowing! First and foremost the mods listed are mods everyone can use, we excluded mech mods because not everyone is eligible or willing to learn how to utilize them in their vape gear. All of the mods listed are regulated and easy to use. Secondly, each mod had to have a wide variety of builds being thrown at it just to see how well it could perform. Lastly, each mod had to be within an affordable price range so everyone can enjoy them!

Let’s take a peek at the best cloud chasing mod so you can enjoy them yourselves. Let’s face it clouds are fun right?

Aegis Legend!

Geekvape is back and at it again with their Aegis Legend box mod. This thing is an absolute monster when it comes to vape quality and other companies should really take note of what they’re doing. First, offsetting clouds aside, this thing is waterproof and really hard to actually break. The way this thing was assembled it would make you think it was purposely made just for abusing it. Make sure you check out Rip Trippers video on him running it over with a truck.

Now quality set aside let’s discuss performance. We vaped on this bad boy using a simple Clapton coil at a .5 ohm build at around 90 watts and it was absolutely amazing how well it performs. The first thing to notice is the ramp up time, there is none. When you hit the fire button it’s literally in let’s go mode and instantly fires at full power to deliver you a massive vape cloud unlike any other. It’s smooth, it’s quick and most importantly, it was giant and dense. We definitely think this is the best cloud chasing mod out there on the market right now and it’s for a good reason.

It handles just about any atomizer you can throw at it with relative ease and you don’t have to press the button long to get a giant dense vape cloud off of it either. It supports a dual 18650 battery setup and after updating the firmware from geek vapes website, the battery life isn’t bad either. Again this is all subject to the type of build your utilizing, but you can always throw it in temp control mode or turn your watts up or down to meet your specific coils needs.

Once you get it down though and have your perfect style of the coil in there, you really are in for a treat because this mod chucks vape clouds like every other box mod should! For just $50-$70 you can pick one up today online or at your local retailer as most of them have the mod now in stock. Not quite fascinated? Let’s take a peek at another best cloud chasing mod.

Voopoo Drag!

Oh come on now, you all knew the legendary Voopoo Drag was going to be here, and it’s for a good reason. The Voopoo Drag has been quite the popular device lately and after being able to get our hands on one, we definitely understand why. First off just like the Aegis Legend, the Drag can seriously take a beating. Once again it’s metal design makes it very sturdy because well, accidents happen, if you drop it you don’t need to right away panic!best cloud chasing mod

The Drag is also powered by dual 18650 batteries and has all the other great features as many other mods do. Temp control, high wattage limits, etc. This isn’t what makes the Drag stand out though when it comes to the best cloud chasing mod. This thing has literally no ramp up, you hit the button, it instantly glows red and fires right up. We once again tested it out with a .5 ohm Clapton coil at 90 watts and while it was very close to the legend, the difference was almost literally not noticeable.

Many people have clung to the Voopoo Drag because it is a cost-efficient mod. You can get great performance and durability for around $45-$80 depending on the retailer. Not only does this mod perform well but the wide variety of color schemes and general overall comfort of this mod makes it a great choice when entering the cloud blowing domain!

Smok GX350!

There’s been quite a bit of hate speech going around about Smok lately, but personally, this is one of the best cloud chasing mods that you can pick up. While not quite the best cloud chasing mod, it’s definitely up there because not many mods are compact in size that supports 4 18650 batteries. Yes, we said 4.best cloud chasing mod

Vape Juice/Hardware Subscription!

Great power, great features, and a huge lifespan on batteries, you pretty much have it all when it comes to a vape box. The looks and feel of this mod are great and it has a 350-watt power limit on it which is huge. Vapors are going to have a hard time getting their full use of the 350 watts but hey if you can make it work, we would love to see it!

This mod does have a small ramp up time when you hit the fire button, but it’s definitely worth the wait. The output after firing it is phenomenal and even using a tank on it instead of an RDA the output on this thing was absolute beast mode when it comes to the cloud chasing game. Your vapor will be dense, it will be flavorful, and there will be a lot of it. It doesn’t take much for this little guy to output a lot of vapor and that’s why it’s made our list for one of the best cloud chasing mod.

RX Gen 3!

A triple 18650 box mod with a 225-watt limit that chucks mad vapor? Yes, please! The Releaux RX Gen 3 will not disappoint when entering the cloud chasing game and it’s for a good reason. This thing can handle just about anything you throw at it however it does cap out at .9 ohms. You can build super low with this thing and it will fire your coils on command quickly and accurately.best cloud chasing mod

We did notice it does struggle a little bit in temperature control but if your a pure wattage vapor this shouldn’t be any bad news for you. In wattage mode, it definitely shines and has a ton of battery life. We always ran this box mod with an RDA on top of it instead of a tank but from our experiences with it, we don’t think it will have any problems supporting a tank either.

When we fired it we noticed a small ramp up before it got to full force, but once again it was definitely worth the wait. Huge thick clouds came out and it wasn’t long until we were using this lias all day vape mod for a while. Despite’s size and shape it fits nicely in your hand and works as it should. The best part about the whole deal is it’s only $35-$50. Not quite the best cloud chasing mod but it’s definitely an easy to use first timer box mod that you will definitely enjoy!

GeekVape Blade!

A dual battery setup that will get your vape experience to the next level. The geek vape blade is definitely considered a best cloud chasing mod because of how many battery types it supports. The blade supports dual 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries. Because of these multiple options readily available, chasing clouds on this box mod isn’t hard at all. They even have a kit that comes with the Aero sub ohm tank as well. The blade also supports many forms of temp control modes and if you’re a wattage vapor, it powers all the way up to 235 watts if you absolutely need it. best cloud chasing mod

Build wise the device supports all the way down to .05 ohms which is absolutely insane if you consider how low that actually is and goes all the way to 3.0 ohms for the maximum. The 510 connection on it is gold plated as well as spring loaded like most box mods are. The actual setup though if you’re a beginner with vaping will definitely let you chuck clouds with a very little setup as well! The color designs on it are unique for those looking to stand out and it’s an all-out great mod/setup to utilize in your arsenal!

Smoant Cylon!

A nice size box mod for nice sized clouds is all we have to say about the Smoant Cylon! Not quite the best cloud chasing mod but it’s definitely up there to be considered one of the best! This box mod supports 5 watts all the way up to 200 watts for the vapor willing to take on that amount of power. It’s not quite the wattage that makes this thing stand out. This mod runs the Ant218 V2 Chipset, it’s incredibly accurate, reliable, and has great intelligence for a box mod! For those who don’t know the tremendous amounts of power the ant218 v2 chipset has, it’s definitely something to look into. The best way to explain how this mod works is very similar to a parallel mechanical mod. When the fire button is pressed it doesn’t take long for this box to think and glow your coils red hot. best cloud chasing mod

It’s definitely an impressive mod for only running dual 18650 batteries but you definitely wouldn’t be able to guess how it performs by looking at it. The stainless steel and leather wrapping case it has is a nice touch a long with the over sized fire button on it as well. It’s a comfy sleek and reliable box mod for any new or advanced vapor out there.

Smok Alien!

Ah the wonderful company of Smok, you may love them, you may hate them, but regardless the Alien is still a popular box and it’s for a good reason. It’s simple design yet futuristic design sets it apart and so does the way it performs. They are reliable box mods with temp control, and 220 watts at the maximum. best cloud chasing mod

The Smok Alien is powered by dual 18650 batteries, is primarily made up of steel and overall just has a really nice chipset for tanks and builds. Many people have either owned one or gone out and purchased one just due to the fact it’s a nice cheap box mod. It isn’t really the best cloud chasing mod but it still keeps up with many mods out there for the price.

You can get it in either a kit or the box mod itself and the amount of color options that’s available will keep this thing around for quite some time to come. It really is a descent box mod for the price and the V2 option of the Smok Alien fixed a lot of the problems Smok had in the past with their original models.

Long story short if you want to blow clouds without spending a ton of money and want a quick and easy setup. We believe the Alien might just be the mod for you.

Taking Clouds To A New Level!

Is there really such a thing as the best cloud chasing mod? To answer it easily and simply, no there is not. Every vapor out there has their own clings and likes but the mods listed above should definitely get you on the right track. A box mod simply powers your atomizer, you will have to fine tune your coils on a RDA to obtain optimal results with each mod above.

Additionally, your cloud experience is going to change based on the juice you use, the wire you use, and if your in a temp control setting or not. There are plenty of factors that play into blowing massive clouds, but these mods will definitely put you in the right direction when it comes to cloud chasing.

What box mods are you using to chase clouds. In your opinions what’s the best cloud chasing mod! Let us know in the comments below!

Don’t forget to check out the best 18650 batteries post as well to get a better idea on how to power your devices up correctly!

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