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The Worlds Most Used Coil!

Clapton coils is a commonly used term in the vape industry. Because of this, pre-built Clapton coils have become a top seller in the vape market but is it actually worth the price of the product your getting. We’re analyzing to find out for you whether or not it’s worth the money or not!

The Power Of The Clapton!

Basically, for those who don’t know, a Clapton coil is basically multiple types of wires spun together then wrapped into a coiled form giving you a more intense vaping experience.

Most clapton coils use two different types of wires, usually a base with a higher gauge wrapped around it!

The Clapton coil is simple, there is more firing area for the coil and small little pockets in the actual coil itself. These pockets or crevices trap juice in between them which is where you get the enhanced flavor from. Clapton coils are a little more in-depth though as they require a drill or you can purchase a build station that allows you to spin them at home.
Because of the tools needed to make them, most of the world either buy Clapton wire spools or they buy pre-build Clapton coils. But is the cost actually worth it?

Clapton’s Are Expensive!

We have seen a giant amount of Clapton coils being sold on the market and when we have seen some of the prices, our jaws dropped at how much they are charging for these magnificent coils. The real kicker here though is these companies are claiming this ohm out to your desire.

When you purchase your coils, pay attention to the label, they will state what the coil should ohm out to.

Now after purchasing many different types of pre-built Clapton coils we were actually kind of shocked without results. Only 30% of the Clapton coils that we bought that were just pop in and ready for action actually read at the ohm that was on the packaging. This absolutely amazed us as we were expecting a much higher return rate on these coils.
We test them out on different readers and devices to see if we could get different results and for the most part they were stable, just not consistent with what the packaging claimed.
On top of this, we noticed that in many different shops or sources, there pairs of Clapton’s being sold at $5-$7 for just one set of Clapton coils that were pre-assembled. Considering if you’re not cleaning your coils this is almost as expensive and if not more expensive than using tank coils.pre built clapton coils
Now the question arises of “what if I see cheap clapton coils sold by 50-100 counts?” Chances are they are cheap quality, cheapest wire they could use, and coils are probably not hand made or machine made instead. Using coil types like this can lead to failure of your coils early and possibly (if you don’t test them first) lead to mod failure by the user for not checking resistance before firing. This typically only applies to mechanical mod users as most box mods have safety features to prevent them from firing.
Now authentic real pre built clapton coils will be a little bit more pricey because they are hand made and usually made with a higher quality wire. Trust us when we say this, wire quality really does matter. However you have to judge your opinion on pre made clapton coils strictly because you have to look at cost efficiency. Yes it is easier to pop them in and just start chucking vapor, but is the price actually worth it!?

Pre Built Clapton Coils Or Wire?

This is where we get to fine line details on clapton coils/wires. We all know you can purchase coils that are hand made and ready to pop in and go. But it is also possible to find pre made clapton wire that isn’t wrapped yet and we were much happier with the cost per performance factor.

On average a 25 foot spool of clapton wire was $10-$12 which is a much better option!

Now if we were to say on average that building two 2.5 mm coils took four inches of wire, that would mean out of that one 25 foot roll of clapton wire you could build around 75 coils. Based on the prices of pre build clapton coils these days, it’s much easier to say that buying the wire and then building yourself is a much better option if you’re trying to save money.
Most vape wire companies offer 25 feet as their minimum, the more wire you bulk up on, the more money you actually save as well. This could even decrease your cost even more and allow you to build more coils for cheaper. The only real downside of buying wire that is pre made is the fact that you cannot select the base that you want it built with, as an example 24 gauge kanthal with 36 gauge kanthal wire could be an option you could purchase. However, if you wanted 22 gauge kanthal instead, this is something you would have to create yourself.

Are The Pre Built Clapton’s Worth It?

This is a hugely controversial question as it really depends on the vapor, the coil to cloud community here, for the most part, doesn’t mind building so in our opinion, no they are not worth it. We would much rather buy the wire and build them ourselves. We know what it ohms out to and we can build any style of the coil to get the desired ohm we were looking for.
pre built clapton coilsNow, on the other hand, there is a group of individuals out there who have the “plug and play” mentality and just don’t want to build their coils, or maybe they may not even know how. This is where you would probably just want to buy some pre built clapton coils instead and save yourself the time and hassle. You may end up paying more and won’t be able to get an exact ohm your looking for. But this is definitely a much easier option for most individuals out there.
So as a wrap up lets look at the perks of each type:

Pre Built:

  1. Plug and play style!
  2. Pre-wrapped to a set ohm value.
  3. Coils, for the most part, are literally perfectly wrapped
  4. Quick and easy to install.

Clapton Wire Spools:

  1. Complete control over your build.
  2. Allowed to wrap and ohm your coil out to a specific ohm.
  3. Much more cost efficient.
  4. Can determine the size of your coil.
  5. Can determine what kind of wire you want as a base and additional layer.
  6. Yields much more coils based on wire lengths.

As you can see, it is extremely controversial and purely depends on what type of results you are looking for! If you looking for a nice price of Clapton wire though, we absolutely loved a small company called lightning vapes who sells pre built clapton coils and sells clapton wire spools and much more exotic wire as well. Give them a look the next time your in the market. There are shops literally everywhere and we have tried a large amount, but lightning vapes keep bringing us back!
What’s your opinion on Clapton wire? Do you buy pre-made, make the wire yourself, or buy the Clapton wire and build themselves!? Let us know to leave a comment below! Don’t forget to check out how to make your coils last longer as well!

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