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What’s The Deal With Coil Burning?

If you find yourself every day asking why do my coils keep burning out? Then you’ve come to the right place to get that specific question answered and to prevent it from happening in the future. The truth is almost 90% of the time that a coil gets burned out is usually because the cotton gets too dry. While there are other reasons which we will explain below, this is the most common!

Why Do My Coils Keep Burning Out Checklist?

Yep, it’s that simple, we have an easy checklist prepared for you to take action on, after following this guide and these simple rules, you should have your answer in no time and you will be able to prevent coil burn in the future as well!

Dry Wicks!

This is a common concern in the vape community and one of the leading causes of a burnt coil. Whether your using an RDA, or any form of a tank, keeping those coils moist is an absolute must! When juice enters the tank or when you drip down your RDA, you are saturating your cotton and making it wet and filled with liquid. As you fire your device your coils get hot and burn off the juice turning it into vapor.

When your coil no longer has juice on it there is only one thing left to burn, your cotton. Your cotton burns and basically sort of degrades and thickens/gets charred from the heat of your coils. Once this happens it’s pretty much over for that coil unless you’re using an RDA. If using an RDA you will notice that your cotton may be a bit darker than usual, once this happens your solution is simple, pull the cotton, clean your coil, and re-wick your RDA coils once again and get ready for action.

why do my coils keep burning out

If you’re using a tank however though that isn’t a RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer) we have some bad news for you, you need a new coil. Pre-built coil heads are not something you just rebuild on like an RTA/RDA, you can’t just pop out the cotton and put new in. You have to purchase a new coil head for your tank and take the loss. Now while this is uncommon in tanks to actually have happen, the best preventative maintenance you can do is keep your tank always at least a 1/4 full. This will always ensure your coils are always wet and juiced up so you can vape to your heart’s content! This usually is the most common solution to the question of why do my coils keep burning out.

For rebuild able vapers out there, make sure when you are putting fresh builds you in are also priming your coils as well before firing them. Make sure each coil is glowing from the inside out without any hot legs and also make sure each coil is firing together at the same time as well to prevent uneven coil wear/burn.

Too Much Power!

The next biggest reason your coils might be burning out on you is simply put, your pushing too much power to them. Coils can read/ohm out to all different resistances and it’s important that you run your coils at the correct wattage range to prevent them from being burnt out. Now if your asking why do my coils keep burning out during high wattages, well the answer could very well be that it’s ohm reading is higher and requires a lower wattage level.

Typically a good rule of thumb to go by is this:

The higher the ohm, the lower the wattage, the lower the ohm, the higher the wattage.

With that being said just think about it this way, if you’re high up in ohms, fire it lower and vice versa. An excellent tool to utilize to get a better understand on what your coils will ohm out to and to get a better sense of what range you should fire them is the siteĀ steam engine. Additionally, if you are purchasing coils from a local retailer, ask for their advice on what wattage range you should keep your coil heads at to prevent them from burning.

When coils get fired with too much power than what they can’t handle though it’s not actually the cotton burning, it’s the wire. When you push too much power to the wire, it eventually or sometimes very quickly burns up and can no longer fire efficiently, this is another great example of having a burnt coil.

Juice Selection Can Be A Nightmare!

Yep, we get it, you taste/smell a juice and right away you want to vape it too! We get it! It should be however noted if you’re asking yourself why do my coils keep burning out while using thicker juice, you’re actually onto something. RDA’s are great for just about all types of juice realistically but what about tanks?

The simple answer is while you can run thicker juices in your tank, your tank will have a harder time pulling max VG juice through and wicking efficiently. Most juices these days are commonly set at 70VG/30PG which seems to work quite well. However, if you are running a thicker juice this could lead to coil burn as it isn’t wicking as efficiently which leads dry cotton eventually and then yep you guess it, your coils demised.

Thickness isn’t the only thing to be thinking about though.

Darker liquid seems to “gum” up your coils quicker as well which can lead to burnt coils.

When you ask yourself or friends, why do my coils keep burning out when using dark juices, once again this is been proven to cause burnt coils. Darker juices are known to basically gum up your coils causing them not burn/fire efficiently which leads to hot spots and or weak spots in the coil wire. When this happens juice cannot flow correctly throughout the coil head and can cause your cotton to burn faster in some spots than other causing a burnt out coil.

Wicking Technique!

Another big one in the coil game that causes burnt coils is pretty simple actually, you might be wicking incorrectly. This normally only applies to guys and gals the experiment with RDA/RTA types of atomizers but it does sometimes happen from pre-built coil heads as well. Now while having too little cotton usually leads to an extremely wet coil, (we’ll touch on that later in another post) having too much cotton is an easy way to burn your coils.

Juice needs to flow freely in order to properly get your coils wet. When your cotton is too thick and bunched up inside of your RTA/RDA it has a problem actually reaching the coil. This leads to the cotton not being wet on the inside of the coil and leads to massive burns rather quickly. The ends of your cotton may be getting saturated but the inside of your coils are not, this leads to burning very quickly even after throwing a brand new build in. This is especially important for RTA users as RTA’s are not as forgiving when it comes to wicking technique.

Vape Juice/Hardware Subscription!

why do my coils keep burning out

When you wick up your coils always ensure to kind of “stretch” your cotton a little bit and separate it to make it easier for the juice to flow in between your cotton and saturate more efficiently. Additionally whether you’re an RTA or RDA user, it’s always important to gently fluff the ends of your wicks gently to ensure juice can travel up the cotton as well. When you watch many YouTubers (like RiP Trippers) when they put builds in, you always notice they’re always fluffing their cotton before it goes in. This helps massively with juice flow leading to a much more successful coil.

Mod Settings!

This may sound completely crazy, but on rare occasions, your mod can accidentally switch into a different mode without you meaning to switch to it. You could be vaping along running at normal watts and eventually, the accident happens, you switch to temp control mode, fire it, and your coil is now on it’s way to the trash can.

While not a common coil burning method, it is important to consistently make sure your box mods or pen mods are in the correct mode for the correct wire. Accidents to happen so our best advice to you if you cant lock the mode that your mod fires in, consistently ensure you are paying attention to your mod and make sure it doesn’t accidentally switch modes on ya.

If everything else is right and you’re still asking why do my coils keep burning out, then definitely check your mod settings, something might be messing with you.

Final Thoughts!

Well, you should not longer be asking yourself why do my coils keep burning out. We covered quite a bit of information here regarding very common coil burning mistakes/accidents that happen. If you are still having burned coils even after checking the list we have above, there may be other things going on.

Ensuring your atomizers are always clean is a good habit to get into and ensuring your peak insulators inside of them are seated properly as well can save your coils big time. Once you ensure your atomizer is clean and the insulator is set in place correctly and functioning like it’s should. The last piece of advice we can give you is checking your connections to the mod.

The pin is what makes contact with your box mod and when you fire your mod it sends the signal to your coils to say “FIRE”. If something is going on with the pin and it isn’t making the correct connection, this could cause your coils not to fire correctly.

Do you have a crazy coil burning story? We would love to hear it, leave a comment below as well as other advice from your vaping experiences to help out other vapers as well!

Don’t forget to check out the average lifespan on coils as well!


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