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Best Bottom Feed RDA’s What Are They?

Determining what the best bottom feed RDA is can be a tricky task. Bottom feed RDA’s also known as “squonk” or “squonkers” are devices that function like RDA’s but have a hollowed out 510 pin with a bottle of juice installed in the mod that is pressed to feed juice up to the wick ports in your coil.

We will be taking a look at the best bottom feed RDA and hopefully give you plenty of options to get you started squonking!

Here’s what to expect…

The Profile

Drop RDA

Vandy Vape Pulse Kit

Mesh RDA

Dead Rabbit RDA

With the devices/atomizers out of the way lets take a look and break them down!


The Profile RDA!

Best Bottom Feed RDA

The profile RDA is without a doubt in our opinion the best bottom feed RDA that you can get your hands on as of right now. This RDA is an absolute beast and is tearing up the vape market right now and it’s for a good reason…

The Profile can be run in normal mode and squonk mode as a 510 hollowed out pin is included in the kit and it is a unique style of mesh RDA. Mesh wire has been a popular coil choice lately and this RDA certainly gives it justice!

First and foremost look at the mesh wire on this RDA, it’s got circular slots in the wire to make dripping on it/squonking on it very simple, it saturates every part of the cotton making it super easy not to get dry hits off of it. Additionally, with the improvement to the mesh wire, it comes with, it also has a spring loaded feature for your cotton. When you install your cotton it will push it up towards the top of the mesh so you don’t get spots where the coil isn’t touching your cotton like previous forms of mesh RDA’s. Partner this up with the slotted mesh wire and you have yourself an excellent cloud/flavor chaser! The profile is definitely the best bottom feed RDA for sure! So let’s touch base on it’s squonk capabilities.

The Profile RDA has the perfect airflow setup on it in our opinion. They equipped this squonker with honeycomb style airflow but that isn’t what sets it apart from the others, it’s the size of the holes and the placement on it that makes it a beauty. They sized up the holes perfectly to get a ton of flavor and a ton of cloud production with removing the potential and dreadful squonk leaks.

When you press on the bottle firmly it wicks up nicely and the best part is, it doesn’t leak out of the wick holes and with the cotton improvements/spring loaded mechanism, it’s definitely the best bottom feed RDA for sure!

The Drop RDA!

Best Bottom Feed RDA

The drop is a legend now in the vape community and it’s definitely for a good reason. While it isn’t the best bottom feed RDA, it’s definitely very close to the profile. The drop only supports normal coils though so let’s take a peek at what it offers!

The first thing you will notice about the drop RDA is it’s a simple design with the honeycomb styled airflow again. However, there is a specific reason for their airflow selection/placement. The building deck inside of the drop is raised up to to get the coils comfortably close to the mouthpiece to get the straight flavor. The other reason why the build deck is raised up slightly is because it works with the squonk mechanic of it and the airflow of it beautifully.

When you press on the bottle while it’s in squonk mode it fills up nicely to saturate the cotton installed perfectly. It won’t leak out of the air flow slots and makes it saturate the cotton perfectly to where you won’t get spit back.

Vape Juice/Hardware Subscription!

The deck section has nice screws and beautiful machining and has the arched style posts so you can easily snip the leads off of your coils after you install them and adjust them for perfect fitment. For a traditional coil build, this is definitely the best bottom feed RDA or squonker that you can get your hands on.

Vandy Vape Pulse Kit!

Best Bottom Feed RDA

This thing is an absolute beast and Vandy Vape has done a miraculous job at design, the best bottom feed RDA kit. This is a full-blown squonk kit that works insanely well and has been reviewed by many different reviewers. Let’s take a look…

The fire button on the pulse kit is super snug and comforting. It isn’t too stiff or to easy to press and also has a built-in safety switch for the fire button as well. There is a regulated version of it and a non regulated version as well which is another big pro. If you’re a traditional mech user, you will absolutely love the non regulated version, if you prefer regulated devices, they have you covered there as well.

When you pull off the front plastic cover of the pulse and look at the bottle, you will instantly notice the bottle is nicely made and it isn’t difficult to remove, fill, and reinstall. The clear tube running from the bottle up to the 510 connection area is perfectly made as well for a snug connection that doesn’t come off to easily but also comes off easily enough to make assembly quick and easy.

Let’s look at the deck section now…

The outside chamber of the pulse RDA has dual circle airflow on it which does whistle slightly but it isn’t obnoxious. The airflow is smooth and easy and adjusts incredibly easy as well which is a pro. The airflow is also Kennedy inspired which has angled slots pointed directly at your coil making it an absolute legend in the name. The deck section that you build on is completely flat and installing coils is extremely easy. The flat style build-deck that it comes packaged with allows you to bend and move your coils super easy and makes squonking on it a dream come true.

When the bottle is pressed and your coils are perfectly aligned 1/2 way (in between the deck section and the top cap) it wicks the coils perfectly and prevents all spit back! It may not be the best bottom feed RDA, but it definitely is the ultimate squonking/bottom feed kit.

Mesh RDA!

The mesh RDA has become quite an iconic piece of hardware since it launched. It was one of the first actual successful mesh RDA atomizers to be released to the market. The mesh RDA can be run in a normal coil mode, mesh coil mode, and squonk mode making it a very versatile style device for any vapor. Unlike the best bottom feed RDA that we stated earlier (the profile) this RDA does not have the mechanism that pushes cotton up so wicking it does take some practice.

The good news is once it’s wicked up correctly and it does hold a lot of cottons, it does have some of the best flavor and cloud production that you could possibly expect. Additionally, they went with a rather interesting airflow design which was just a simple sideways dual slotted air flow. The way it’s positioned however is what makes it an excellent squonk atomizer.

The building deck is completely flat on it with crevices that open up as you loosen up the screws, this leaves your cotton on the bare bottom and when your bottle is pressed it wicks up to the top of the coil/cotton without actually draining out of the air flow holes. It’s a clever design and being that it’s so versatile, it’s definitely one to pick up. While not quite the best bottom feed RDA, it will certainly make squonking very enjoyable for some time to come!

Dead Rabbit RDA

Ah, the good old dead rabbit RDA. This specific RDA has been a favorite for many vapor enthusiasts alike and there’s a good reason for it. It’s a solid built RDA and in squonk, mode looks out, this thing is incredible. The very first thing to note about the dead rabbit, it is a slanted top flow air flow style RDA which was an excellent touch done by them. The top air flow prevents any chance of it leaking and being that it is slanted, your coils are always hit right away when you draw of it.

Best Bottom Feed RDA

The dead rabbit has one of the most simplistic yet elegant build decks you will ever see. It’s a slightly raised 4 post flat build deck and coil assembly is super easy. The wick ports on it as well are super pristine and deep enough to fit quite a bit of cotton in there without having to worry about dry hits during squonking. Slapping this RDA on any squonk device and we’re sure you will have a good time. Many vape professionals and even day to day users praise the dead rabbit and it has put a huge dent in the RDA community.

It’s one of the best and it’s even greater when ran in squonk mode due to its ethical easy build deck and top flow air flow. It’s a top-notch RDA that is sure to not disappoint!

Don’t forget to check out the best rda coils as well to get started on your squonking journey! Additionally, if you need a good a coil wrapping calculator, check out the siteĀ steam engine!

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