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Changing Over To A Mesh Coil Tank!

Mesh coils have become iconic in the vape industry lately and today we wanted to show you the best mesh coil tank! Let us help you purchase the correct mesh tank for you needs and get ready to dive into a world of cloud chasing and flavor like never before.

Currently the best mesh coil tank is the Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro. However the standard Fireluke Mesh, Uforce T2, Bulldog, Nepho, Cleito 120 Pro, and the Falcon are all great mesh coil tanks as well!

With that in mind, lets break down each tank and found out which one is perfect for you!

FireLuke Mesh Pro!best mesh coil tank

The Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro is without a doubt the best mesh coil tank if you are a vapor that wants insane clouds with intense flavor. This thing is an absolute monster of a tank that is huge in size, looks great, and performs incredibly well.

The Fireluke Mesh Pro adopted the name in the vape community “the leaf blower” and that name fits this tank very well. The Mesh pro has a single, double, triple, and quad mesh coil that you can install in the tank to change up your vape game. While there are other coils available, these are the ones that perform the greatest.

This tank is machined well and has a nice touch on the fill port towards the top of the tank. It is marked by a single red dot that you simply press which will slide open and allow you to fill up. The tank comes with a huge bubble glass which holds a ton of juice and doesn’t look terrible like most of the other tanks do.

The color pallet on this mesh coil tank is literally endless and has a huge library of design styles which is a nice touch but the main thing that made this thing stand out was it’s performance.

The airflow has a pin on the inside to lock it and it’s smooth as butter. It takes just enough effort to move it smoothly and easily but it isn’t so easy that it will move in your pocket.

Speaking of the airflow, it’s literally perfect for a tank. It’s smooth, your coils don’t get overwhelmingly hot, and it isn’t loud and obnoxious like most other tanks are.

When it comes down to flavor, this thing puts out a nice chunk of flavor that will bring your juice to life. Freemax absolutely nailed it with coil life, flavor production and cloud production which leads us to our final point on this tank. Clouds!

Pressing the fire button even at around 40-60 watts this tank performs incredibly well. While most of the coils are a .15 ohm coil and do require a little more power to push, it still fires nicely even at some of the lower wattages.

In addition the amount of vapor production this thing pushes out is absolutely insane for a tank. It was named a “leafblower” for a reason and is something you will have to witness for yourself to truly understand what Freemax actually did here. This tank without a doubt if you are looking for clouds and flavor is probably the best mesh coil tank that you can get your hands on.

You can shop around or check out the going price on this tank here.

The Original Fireluke.

best mesh coil tank

Now we’ve shown you the Fireluke Mesh Pro but that doesn’t mean you should stray away from the original Fireluke Mesh tank. If you are looking for something a little smaller, cleaner, and compact, then this tank is for you.

There is once again a huge variety of colors/options available for it, we personally like the mesh style view of this tank, but this tank is incredible for those of you who are flavor chasers.

Freemax served up this tank first and it was the go to for mesh tanks for an incredible amount of time and still to the day it is still very popular. Freemax developed the perfect mesh coil on this tank in our opinion and the reason is simple. It produces a significant amount of vapor, nothing too crazy, but it is nice, but it’s the flavor that you get off this thing that blew us away.

Freemax devloped the single mesh coil for this tank and ironically when we tried it the first time, we literally almost though we were vaping on a RDA. If you have never hit a RDA before, the flavor on them is incredible and for Freemax to almost be able to replicate that out of a tank is absolutely incredible.

There are other coil options available for this tank, but we have found that the single mesh is the way to go around 50-80 watts. It’s a nice treat and will absolutely wake up the flavor you have like never before. Freemax destroyed the market with this tank making it one of the best mesh coil tanks that you can get your hands on.

You can check them out/see the average price on them here:

Vape Juice/Hardware Subscription!

Uforce mesh coil tank

Voopoo fans look out, you requested a better mesh tank from them, and they delivered. Many people are fans of the infamous Voopoo company due to the success of the Voopoo Drag. Now the Drag Mini, and the Voopoo Drag 2 is out and let us tell you, the Uforce T2 tank is well worth it.

The factory coil in it is kind of an odd ball and really small but when you strap the full size mesh coil in it. This thing is absolutely insane in terms of clouds and flavor. Now Voopoo is mostly selling the T2 with the Drag 2, but there are some locations that are selling the mod/tank separate allowing you to choose one or the other.

For whatever reason the gene chip works incredibly well with it so we obviously recommend just getting the entire kit for the best performance, but Voopoo’s T2 mesh coil tank does an excellent job on any device.

Obviously being that this is a Voopoo product, the color pallet is huge like it always has and will be, the tank looks incredibly slick, and it still has that famous locking top fill slot that Voopoo perfect with the original. It just has a couple of slight improvements making the tank stand out further.

This thing chucks an intense amount of flavor out of the N1 coils which handle themselves very well. But it isn’t the N1 that stood out to us, the N3, .2 ohm triple mesh coils bring this tank to life. Excellent flavor, excellent vapor production, Voopoo nailed it with this mesh coil tank.

You can check the price of them here:

Bulldog!best mesh coil tank

Desire vapes did something beautiful here with their Bulldog mesh coil tank. This thing packs a lot of juice, has excellent airflow and their mesh coils are something unique/similar at the same time. Once again like many other tanks, it adopted the locking style top fill juice slots making it incredibly easy to fill.

The tank comes with 2 glass variants one being a 3.5 mil juice carrying capacity and the other is a 4.3 mil juice carrying capacity.

The tank comes in multiple colors which currently are black, stainless, purple, blue, and red and this tank just looks slick.

The mesh coils share similar traits to the Falcon tank utilizing that wood pulp cotton for more effective wicking measures. The main reason why we fell in love with this tank is how well it wicks. The wick slots on this tank are huge for their coils and we never had any leaks with it either.

Because of this, the Bulldog had excellent cloud and flavor production which brought Desire vapes out of the shadows and into a well now known vape manufacturer.

You can check the price on the Bulldog here:

The Nepho!best mesh coil tank

Another one of the best mesh coil tanks is the Nepho. Aspire has always been a reputable manufacturer of vape atomizers/devices and many people have had great luck with their products. This time around though they did something unique with the Nepho which we will touch base on here in a second.

The Nepho does have standard coils but it comes with one of each, the standard .5 ohm and the mesh .15 ohm coil. The mesh coil in this is phenominal and offers a wide range of flavor and cloud production between 60-75 watts.

The coil was built specifically for mid range wattage vapors because that’s roughly the average wattage range each person vapes at. They spent the time to find the actual median of where people vape at and built a coil to meet those needs.

The Nepho holds 4 mils of vape juice making it a nice smooth looking tank that also holds a fair amount of juice. Additionally it also comes in a variety of finishes/colors to make it look slick on any device.

This is where things change though, these coils are not threaded, they are press fit.

Aspire tried something different here and the bottom of the coils are “barbed” instead of threaded. So to replace the coils it’s simple, press the legs/pull and then just snap a new coil in. It literally takes 2-3 seconds to swap out a coil and the coils fit snug as well giving you perfect contact.

This is a great cloud producing/flavor producing tank that has a new coil design and is definitely something you should try out.

You can check the price on the Nepho here:

Cleito 120 Pro!best mesh coil tank

Remember the original Cleito 120 tank? We sure do and it was a big seller for a long time. However this time around we have the pro edition of it with many fixes and upgrades from it’s previous version.

Gone are the days where you had to unscrew the entire tank to pop new coils in and now it has been replaced with the side fill/top fill method. It doesn’t have the standard top cap that pops off/slides/unscrews, instead it has a little slot in the side towards the top that you fill it up with.

It works incredibly smooth and easy as well.

The drip tip that it comes with was redesigned and incredibly comfy as well. We actually use this drip tip across all of our atomizers now that support 810 as well. It’s literally perfection.

Now this time around as well we have a mesh variant coil that reads out to .15 ohm which will also work in the original Cleito 120 but trust us it’s worth the upgrade. The fill fix, the airflow is better, the connection is better, and the performance of it is better as well.

This thing chucks a ton of flavor and a ton of clouds with it’s mesh coil between 55-75 watts and is something you may want to check out if you are an Aspire fan or just want to get into a beginners mesh coil tank.

It currently comes in brass, rainbow, stainless, and black.

You can check the average going price on the Cleito 120 Pro here:

The Falcon!best mesh coil tank

This is a very famous tank for a very good reason. This is THE tank that pretty much set the standard on mesh coil tanks. With it’s sleek design and infamous mesh coils the Falcon won the hearts of many vapors out there.

This tank is clean inside and out the airflow is great, the flavor is great, and the cloud production is great. It comes in a huge variety of colors including green, stainless, rainbow, etc. like all the other tank.s

Included with your purchase is replacement o-rings, an additional coil, and a replacement glass as well.

The top piece is thread instead of a slide mechanism that most tanks have adopted however it isn’t a obnoxious amount of threading like all the previous tanks. 1 full turn and the top simply opens up allowing you to fill up on the fly without a lot of hassle.

These coils perform great, most people enjoy the M1, however the M2 and M3 mesh coils perform in it incredibly well. The coil life and flavor off of this tank is very similar to the standard Fireluke Mesh tank and if you are a flavor chaser, then this just might be the best mesh coil tank for you.

You can check the price on the Falcon tank here:


Mesh tanks have become quite the popular demand lately and vapors worldwide are switching over to them to get that ultimate flavor experience. Don’t forget to check out our post on whether or not vaping is dying or even check out our list of the best flavor chasing tanks!

Get out their and vape on everyone!

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