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Flavor Chasing Journey-Best RDA Coil Build!

So you just picked up your first RDA or you may even be an experienced builder. Now it’s time to determine the best RDA coil build for flavor chasing and enhance your flavor chasing experience! Let’s not waste any time and get chasing that flavor!

The best RDA coil build for flavor is a N80/Kanthal 38 gauge clapton coil. Fused claptons and other variants can also be utilized however this specific coil with deliver the best flavor.

Let’s find out why….

N80/Kanthal 38 Gauge Clapton!

best rda coil build for flavor

N80 Fused Clapton!

A lower resistance, zero ramp up time coil that has juice stuck in the crevices? Sign us up please! This is a coil that every vape enthusiast should be using and it’s for a good reason. This is without a doubt the best RDA coil build for flavor!

If you are new to vaping then luckily we have a video guide posted below on how to make clapton coils. If you are an experience vape enthusiast and already know how to wrap clapton coils then let it just be a refresher course.

The way this coil is designed was by no means a mistake. The N80 wire has always been a fan favorite due to it’s quick fire up speed making that flavor production almost instant. The Kanthal wire is there for ohm stability and to prevent the coil from getting to hot too quickly.

Now what sets this coil above the bar is how quickly and nicely this coil will fire. When you hit your fire button there will literally be no ramp up time. This will instantly glow and deliver a powerful flavor fulfilled experience. Who doesn’t like instant flavor right?

The way this coil works is when you drip or squonk, the juice will get trapped inside those tiny little crevices so when you fire your coils it’s just burning that juice first which will not be concentrate with no cotton, and then when you continue to fire it eventually will hit the juice in the cotton. It’s essentially a double layered coil.

Additionally the good news is, it performs well in single coil all the way up to quad coil setups with relative ease. So no matter how many coils you want to run, it will deliver the same flavorful experience.

This setup is the best RDA coil build for flavor chasing and we promise that’s exactly what it’s going to deliver.

I Don’t Have Time To Spin The Wire Though!

Not to worry, luckily there is many already built coil heads available which will cost you a little more, however if you are willing to take the time to at least wrap your coils, you can save a ton of time and money by purchasing a Clapton wire spool with the above wire combinations.

Pure Kanthal Flavor Chasing!

If you don’t like the idea of that instant burn, you can always run a pure kanthal clapton coil setup. Kanthal is the go to for vape wire especially when you are starting out. Rather than learn on just basic wire though, we recommend doing it right the first time and just get yourself a wire spool of 24 gauge/32 gauge clapton coil wire.

We will state this ahead of time, hand wrapped always beats machine wrapped. The quality of hand wrapped coils over machined wrapped is a night and day difference, try them both out and we promise you will be able to tell the difference almost instantly.

Back to the coils though, Kanthal is the easiest wire to work with. It doesn’t fire up instantly and has a small wind up time, but it isn’t anything like a stainless steel coil build. It’s pretty much the happy medium between N80 and stainless steel.

The concept is the same however, juice goes in, gets trapped, and flavor comes rushing out leaving you in awe because of incredible your new vape juice tastes. In our opinion based on our experience this is the best RDA coil build for flavor if you are new to building, we definitely recommend checking it out!

Don’t Forget Temp Control!best rda coil build for flavor

A highly under looked feature that most mods have is temperature control. We know there are many of you out there that like to run temp control and we didn’t want to exclude your from you from your flavor chasing builds.

We recommend Vandy Vapes SS Flat Clapton wire for you temp control users out there. This wire wont come in a coil as it comes on a nice wire spool that is easy to bend and use. Stainless steel has it’s reputation for being more difficult to bend and move but this stuff is awesome and super easy to work with.

It’s your traditional 316SS wire wrapped again to form a standard clapton wire but trust us, it works incredibly well and is super easy to build with.

Throwing it on a device set to temp control and ohming yourself out to around .15 ohms and off to the flavor races you go.

Vape Juice/Hardware Subscription!

When running this in temp control mode it seriously packs a punch. We normally don’t mess around with temp control too much, but this could very well get us into that action more often.

For you temp control users out there, do yourselves a favor and gives this wire a shot, the flat clapton SS wire with around 6 wraps is the best rda coil build for flavor if you want to utilize temp control.

Best RDA Coil Build For Flavor – Others!

There are many different coil types available to us now and we wanted to throw out some other honorable mentions.

Before we get started on those, we should however mention that if you are wrapping your own coils, don’t expect perfect results the first time. You may have to make multiple variations of your coils due to the fact everyone likes to vape differently.

Some of us like our coils super low like on a mechanical mod and some of us might like our coil build to read around a .2 or higher.

You know yourself better than anyone else so try different wrap combinations as well as single/dual coil setups until you find what’s perfect for you.

If you are enthusiast vape coils are art for us and making a beautiful looking coil that performs well is a job well done.

Anyways, let’s get back on the task at hand….

Aliens! No… Not That Kind…

Alien coils have become a staple and a modern day go to for flavor chasing RDA builds. These coils pack a huge amount of flavor and cloud production in them making these coils a great choice for anyone looking for cloud production and flavor. It’s essentially a beautified clapton coil that delivers faster and harder.

Additionally they are a little more complicated to make and while we won’t be touching base on that today it is something we plan to show you in the near future should you decide to give them a try.


best rda coil build for flavor

The Infamous Juggernaut!

Not much to say about these bad boys. The name is sweet, the production is insane, and the amount of vapor production/flavor production is above par. We believe strictly that the simpler the better, but we get it, you see these types of coils and instantly want to give them a try.

What About Brands Of Wire?

I’m glad you asked, there are many different manufacturers of vape wire these days and it would be wrong of us not to give you our opinion on the best vape manufacturers for vape wire. You want the best RDA coil build for flavor, so why not utilized the best vape wire manufacturers?

Vandy Vape!best rda coil build for flavor

Vandy vape has been around for a long time and they are a huge company in the vape industry. They have thousands of products and it just so happens wire is one of them. Vandy Vape has a “exotic” wire collection that you can order spools from.

Vandy vape currently has the following wires: Kanthal Flat Claptons, Fused Clapton 24GA/32GA, Kanthal Juggernaut, Standard Kanthal Claptons, SS Flat Claptons, SS Fused Claptons, SS Juggernauts, SS Staggered Fused Claptons, and the SS Clapton wire.

We should note that these are all wire spools so you can hand wrap them to get the best results! You can check out this wire by clicking here.

Coilologybest rda coil build for flavor

These guys have been around for a long time as well and they are well known for specifically vape wire. If you want the best RDA coil build for flavor, then these are the guys to hit up.

Coilology once again has many different variants of wire spools readily available for you to tinker/build with.

Coilology currently has the following wire:

Chain, Framed Staple, Fused Claptons, Juggernauts, Multi Strand Fused, Staples, Tri Core Fused Claptons 26GA and 28GA, and the Quad Core Fused Claptons.

As you can see they have a giant arsenal of vape wire to utilize as well. It’s just going to take time to figure out which coil is best for you but we obviously recommend the simple Clapton coils to take on that flavor. They are simple, easy, and perform incredibly well!

You can check out the Coilology wire spools by clicking here.

Final Thoughts!

So once again obviously we recommend using N80/38GA Kanthal Clapton coil for the best RDA coil build for flavor. Each person has their own unique needs however and depending on wraps, coil size, etc… this could change for each person.

All this post should do for you is get you on the right track to figure out which coil build is the right one for you. This will take time and you may have to experience different wire types, wattage settings, resistances, etc. before you get the correct flavor chasing experience you need.

If you want to try out our personal favorite, we utilize the above stated N80/38GA Kanthal Clapton Coil setup in a dual coil setup. We run about 6 wraps on each and make them parallel.

Make sure you are always ohming out your coils before you fire them and make sure you are adjusting your coils so they fire evenly from the inside out.

This will ensure your coils fire at the same time and heat up at the same pace giving you a vape experience like you have never had before.

Feel free to leave a comment below, what flavor coil builds are you running in your vapes? What works best for you? Let us know and jump in on the discussion!

Don’t forget to check out our review on the G-box Squonk Kit and our post for increasing coil life!

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