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What Are The Best RDA Coils?

The best RDA coils are the following: Clapton, Fused Clapton, Twisted, Alien, Micro, Continuous, and Staggered.

Understanding the different types of coils are going to separate you from the rookies in the vape industry. This guide will go over the best RDA coils that you should utilize in your daily vape usage. If you’re looking for clouds, flavor, or even both, we’ve got you covered!

The Clapton!

Clapton coils are a very popular choice these days for RDA and RTA users. Clapton coils are 2 different strands of wire that are wrapped around the other together to form a more intricate coil that is built for clouds and flavor. Your vape juice seeps down into the crevices making juice get trapped inside when you fire it this excess juice burns off giving you an immense amount of flavor.

best rda coils

Clapton coils are also very popular making them not only easy to buy but the price range on them isn’t too bad at all either. We have found sets of 5 (10 total coils) that are good quality for around $5-10. They tend to ohm out very well making them some of the best RDA coils that you can purchase/make.

There’s definitely a reason why Clapton coils are extremely popular and they are only getting more popular day by day, we’re sure once you pick up a set of Clapton coils you’ll understand why they’re classified as the best RDA coils. We will have a guide in the future demonstrating how to make them as well! In the meantime, you can read this and learn how!

Fused Clapton!

Fused Clapton is the next runner-up on our list for the best RDA coils. They are very similar to the normal Clapton coils but instead of having 1 wire and another wire wrapped around the single wire the fused Clapton has 2 wires fitted together with a wire wrapped around it. It sounds complex but sees the image for a better understanding. The fused Clapton have a better flavor profile and further cloud productions vs the original Clapton. Now you might be asking why isn’t the fused Clapton the all-time best coil then? Well, it still is one of the best RDA coils but you need more demanding devices to run them as well as further knowledge on how to build. Without the proper wisdom of building getting these coils to ohm out and read correctly can be a challenge if you’re trying to build your own. It is however common to find these style of coils online though these are preferred to run on a box mod rather than a mechanical mod.

best rda coils

These coils also typically read lower than most coils so running them at higher wattages is usually a common thing. Most coils like this are run usually between 80-120 watts. If you are planning on running fused Clapton coils we recommend checking with your local vape shop or purchase them online and look for the specific readings/ohms you are looking for!

Twisted Coils!

Next on our list is the infamous twisted coils. Twisted coils have become a very popular choice in the vape community lately due to the simple fact they perform well and are much easier to create rather than the Clapton or fused Clapton coils.

Twisted coils are just as they sound, it’s 2 or sometimes 3 wires usually in a lower gauge twisted together tightly then wrapped to make a coil. Due to electrical current and physical laws, the theory behind twisted coils is to make electricity flow through them quicker and easier.

best rda coils

Twisted coils hold a ton of flavor and pack a hefty punch producing a ton of vapor production as well. Due to the nature of how they are built, running a twisted coil build is very ethical and great for RDA users. Twisted coils are considered some of the best RDA coils currently and that’s why if you haven’t tried them out yet, we highly recommend giving them a shot!

Alien Coils!

Alien coils are much more complex than your basic Clapton coils but are relatively the same concept. Alien coils are the same build type as Clapton’s but instead, the wire that is wrapped over is removed and stretched to emulate a “wavy” style appearance.

Alien coils have become one of the best RDA coils and have also become a phenomenon in the vape industry. They fire quickly and pack a ton of clouds and flavor for what they are. They are basically a wavy styled Clapton and that’s why they made it on our list.

best rda coils

Alien coils are not the simplest of builds to accomplish which is why it isn’t considered the “best coil” but it is one of the best RDA coils that you can get your hands on. If you’re choosing to try an Alien Clapton Coil we recommend buying them online first to see if you like them. If you choose to dive deeper and want to attempt to make them, there are plenty of resources at your disposal to learn how!

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The Micro Coil!

The micro-coils is the simplest coil build you can possibly ever do. Micro coils are considered one of the best RDA coils because of their simplicity. It’s a simple base wire with wraps like a traditional coil however these are usually smaller in size. The most common is a 2.5-millimeter coil wrapped about 5 times.

Best RDA Coils

Because they are so easy to build you can stretch these coils out to make dripping to your cotton much easier. As the cotton becomes saturated and saturated well on that note, it makes your flavor and cloud production on an almost top level. Micro coils are very simplistic and every builder can make them work great! Due to ease of access and performance, they are considered one of the best RDA coils and easy to make yourself!

Continuous Coils!

These coils do not work on every build deck but we tried them out on a Kennedy 24 RDA and they were phenomenal.

Continuous coils are 2 coils wrapped on 1 wire.

Best RDA Coils

Because it’s 1 wire you take a 3 post build deck and wrap your coil then fish it through the center post to the other side and wrap again using the same wire. It’s 2 coils on 1 wire and trust us, it’s absolutely amazing!

It doesn’t really matter what wire you used but we used a 22 gauge kanthal spool to make it happen and we were absolutely pleased with the results. The clouds are insane the flavor is intense, and the best part, they are incredibly easy to build and use. You can watch a build video on youtube and learn to make your own.

Staggered Coils!

Staggered coils are classified as one of the best RDA coils of all time. Staggered coils are very similar to fused Clapton but the pockets on the coils are much deeper and wider.

This style of coil is more for the flavor chasers and not so much for clouds. We noticed there wasn’t as much cloud production but the flavor was absolutely insane.

Best RDA Coils

The reason staggered coils are not considered the best RDA coils is because of the complexity that has to happen to make them and many people have to get a feel for how they work. Many people dump a bunch of juice into their huge juice wells and notice they get nasty spit back from these coils due to the huge pockets on the coils.

They definitely take time to master but the simple fact is once you get it down, you will fall in love with it.

That’s the end of the list! Do you have a favorite coil setup? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow us on social media and jump in on the vape discussion! Don’t forget to check out the average lifespan and how long coils roughly last!

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