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What Is A RDA!?

A RDA is a rebuild-able drip-able atomizer. Usually small in size with no glass and has a coil rebuild deck instead of a screw on coil. Today we’ll be taking a look at the best rda for clouds and flavor that are on the market today!

Understanding The Cloud To Flavor Ratio!

First off every RDA is known to produce enhance flavor results over a tank but this is purely dependent on your vaping style. You might be a vaper that enjoys small clouds but with tons of flavor, or a vaper with massive clouds with no flavor. We will be going over how to achieve both flavor and maximize cloud production at the same time, the RDA’s listed below will help us get there!

The first important factor to achieving massive clouds is your coil build. Obviously running higher watts or temperatures (if your a temp control vaper) will yield more clouds than someone who builds high and runs at lower watts. Ramping your coils up to higher wattage/temp can definitely increase your cloud production.

The type of coil you utilize is also a giant step towards achieving a perfect cloud to flavor ratio. Many people have fallen in love with the term “clapton coil” which is a more sophisticated coil that you can buy pre-made or make yourself. The purpose is simple, they have small grooves to trap juice in the coil which increases flavor and cloud production based on what your build is reading at and your wattage.

Now where does the RDA come into play, and what is the best rda for clouds and flavor!? Let’s find out!

The Testing Phase!

We have experimented with many different RDA’s over the past couple of months and there were some we were blown away by. The rating is going to go from least to best and will be graded based on cloud production, flavor production, and general assembly difficulty. We were looking for the easiest way to get the best results!

The Troll V2 RDA!

Many people are familiar with the original Troll RDA. However this is an improved design and while not the best in our opinion, this thing definitely gives you the clouds and flavor for sure! The main thing we absolutely loved about this RDA was how simple the build deck was and how massive the juice channel was.

The overall size of this dripper is 22mm which is considered a comfortable size.

best rda for clouds and flavorNot only is this little guy pretty massive for a dipper but it’s dual style post allows you to build with ease and even put in some massive size coils in there. It utilizes the standard hex style grub screws but they surprisingly worked very well for build application.

On top of that the slanted/slotted air flow design keeps your coils nice and cool allowing you to chain vape without it getting incredibly hot. The main noticeable feature though is how close your drip tip actually comes to the coils. When you fire this RDA it is literally almost instant flavor as soon as you press the fire button. Now while it isn’t the best rda for clouds and flavor, the $25 price tag isn’t a terrible asking price especially for a first timer in the dripping world.

Council Of Vapor – Royal Hunter Mini!

The Council Of Vapor was at it again bringing you another incredibly awesome RDA. The Royal Hunter Mini! This is a single to dual post build deck with a very shallow juice well, but don’t let that fool you because this RDA packs a punch when it comes to flavor and cloud production.

We were able to fit 3mm coils in this RDA without any problems which is above the average coil size.

So not only can you fit massive build sizes in this thing but we liked the most was just how simple it was to build on and how much cotton this RDA can store. You do have to go somewhat heavy on your cotton to prevent leaks in the RDA but it is totally worth it.

Once we saturated our cotton after sticking a 3 mm dual clapton coil setup on this RDA we could literally chain vape this thing for hours without running into any problems. The air flow on it is massive and adjustable giving you a perfected vape experience. On top of that the drip tip was incredibly huge in the opening making dripping an easy task and it is surprisingly rda for clouds and flavor

It is once again held down by standard hex style grub screws but they are machined to perfection and we never had any problems with them. The smoothness of the machining on this RDA is impressive as it was carefully crafted to ensure a perfect vape experience. While this is not important, the color/style choices that the Council Of Vapor threw in as well was definitely a nice added touch as well.

You can pick one up for yourself for just $25 as well making it an even better deal! However we still have a few to go before determining the best rda for clouds and flavor!

Geek Vapes – The Peerless RDA!

Looking for pure clouds!? Then look no more, Geek Vape as been around for sometime and their expertise shows it. Geek Vape is the proud developer of the peerless RDA and it is a forced to be reckoned with. The main thing that will draw your eye at first to it is it’s build deck.

You can strap some massive coils in this bad boy and really begin chucking the vapor out of it even while running it at a lower wattage. The machining on this things is literally perfection and smooth with no rough edges and the build deck is very simple to work with.

best rda for clouds and flavorWe ran a .1 ohm dual coil build in this and got such excellent flavor and cloud production we had a hard time putting it down. We ran this RDA at around 100 watts and it was definitely something to brag about. The biggest feature we loved about it though was it’s juice well.

Vape Juice/Hardware Subscription!

The amount of cotton you can stuff into this thing is massive and it makes it incredibly hard for it to leak. You can literally dump a ton of juice on your coils and go well up to 30-40 puffs before getting a dry hit. The best part about the dripper as well is all the hits are consistent.

Additionally this RDA also comes with 2 variants of mouth pieces giving you the perfect comfort that you are looking for, we personally loved the original one that is on it from the factory but having a choice is definitely an excellent perk. While still not the best rda for clouds and flavor it is definitely one of our favorites and we were able to shop around for an average price tag of $25-$35.

Vandy Vape – Mesh RDA!

Vandy Vape has always been one of our favorite companies. The customer service is unbeatable, and their designs/carefully crafted pieces of vape hardware are on a pro vapor level. The Mesh RDA definitely comes to prove that statement as true!

The Mesh RDA is a 24 mm dripper which is pretty massive but that isn’t what grabs the attention of everyone. When Vandy Vape introduced this dripper it also came with the new “mesh” wire.

Mesh wire ohms out depending on length, we recommend trimming in small amounts until you get the ohm reading you desire.

The mesh rda has an interesting build deck and by that we mean there isn’t one. It’s literally flat with to slots you open and close on the sides to hold your wire/mesh in place. The mesh wire comes in many variants such as stainless steel, nickel, and kanthal so that is always a plus.

We popped in some kanthal wire and trimmed it to .15 ohms and stuffed a giant chunk of cotton into it. When you assembly your mesh wire on this very simple build deck you want your cotton to touch the top of the wire. There is so much space that the mesh wire fires around that it’s almost impossible to not get massive clouds from this rda for clouds and flavor

The airflow on it is literally almost perfect as well being that mesh wire is much larger than a normal coil build and the RDA doesn’t even really get hot either. The main thing that sticks out though when vaping on it is the flavor. This isn’t your normal flavor chaser RDA and it’s definitely something you have to experience for yourself to understand.

The features just keep coming though as this RDA can run mesh wire and normal coils on it as well which is just amazing on Vandy Vapes part. You can run single coil and some experts have even gone quad coil on it. It literally supports it all which is where this RDA really shines! So you might be asking, if this thing is so perfect, how is it not the best rda for clouds and flavor!? You’re about to find out!

The Best RDA For Clouds And Flavor!

Digiflavor’s Mesh Pro!

We know we already discussed the mesh RDA by Vandy Vape. But we promise, it gets much better. Digiflavor came out with the mesh pro RDA and it is literally perfection. When we saw this RDA we literally bought it the first day it came out and we gotta say, it’s nothing but perfection.

The mesh pro is a 25 mm RDA which is slightly bigger than the normal mesh RDA from Vandy Vape.

So why is this RDA perfection? Well let’s look at the differences. First and foremost just looking at this atomizer you can instantly tell that the build deck was raised up and it now has a juice well. Another great changes was the post built deck on this atomizer.

best rda for clouds and flavorDigiflavor made the mesh pro have a much better connection and a much easier time to mount and seat your coils correctly and with relative ease. The air flow was adjusted to honeycomb method as well which was an excellent choice and performs beautifully.

When we installed normal coils and the mesh wire in this atomizer we instantly noticed the difference in flavor being that the coil sits even closer to your mouth, the only draw back is if you under wick it, it can pop and get bits of burnt e-juice in your mouth. Besides this drawback, this is probably one of the best RDA’s we have ever vaped on and hope to see more improvements in the future!

The Drop RDA!

Finally the #1 spot on our list and the best RDA for clouds and flavor goes to the Drop RDA! This atomizer is absolutely perfect we couldn’t find any drawbacks on this beast and we’re sure you will love it as well. The build deck is perfect for your coils and it’s even easier to install them.

When coils are installed, you simple install them and snip them at the bottom then shake the extra bits of wire out.

When you snip the wires at the bottom (see the image) it literally makes installing a coil seem like little to no work. On top of the build deck is surprisingly big as well as the juice well. We were literally able to just dump e-juice into this RDA and have never had it leak on us.

The vape production is warm, it’s smooth, and the best part, it’s massive. We vaped at .3 ohms at 90 watts and the cloud production was literally insane. How smooth this RDA hits and how well it was designed to keep your coils cool was an excellent touch! The flavor is literally perfection and even when switching juice, there is a instant transition without even tasting the old flavor.

For us this is absolutely a must have RDA, it is sheer perfection in every way shape and form. The clouds are a new level along with the flavor, machine quality is unparalleled, the ease of building on the atomizer is literally probably the easiest it has ever been, and just the overall satisfaction we got out of this dripper really stands it out against the competition. It literally is a very unique dripper, we recommend checking out Rip Tripper’s video review on it!

Did you agree with out list? What is your best RDA for clouds and flavor? Leave us a comment and let us know! Be sure to also check out our post to ensure maximum coil life span as well!

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