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Best Tank For Clouds!

You’ve made the decision maybe you’ve got your flavor build all set up maybe you want to be the envy of all the guys in the shop but you’re ready to blow those big clouds. RDA’s not an option you want to just grab and chuck the vapor well in are guide the Best Tank For Clouds we’ve got you covered.

Here at Coil to Cloud we want to make sure we don’t just suggest a few tanks and move on we want you to know why your clouds will be the biggest. This guide will help you with the following, so you fully understand how to get the biggest clouds out of every setup and then suggest some of the best tanks for clouds on the market today!

Remember that the best clouds are a combinations of vape tech learn the standard here!

What you’ll learn!

-What does your tank need to blow big clouds?

-Mod to pair with your cloud setup?

-Pro tips for big clouds!

– Top 4 Coil to Cloud recommended tanks

One thing I want to emphasize is that this is a post on how to have the best tank for clouds setup do not expect great flavor or battery life. When you choose an extreme in vaping you have to be willing to give up some other advantages.

If you just want Tank suggestions, then jump to the bottom!

What does your tank need to blow big clouds?

Why when you’re in a vape shop or bar is it that there’s always that one guy that’s blowing big clouds when everyone else is less than impressive? The answer, there is a formula we here at Coil to Cloud are going to walk you through the steps, so you too can be the envy of the vape shop! In this guide, we will be talking about sub ohm tanks as they are the only tank that when set up correctly can rival the cloud production of an RDA.



-Juice flow


These four factors will change you to a cloud blowing king!


Each of the four factors plays a roll if you have the best tank for clouds or not. Coils are what we believe to be the most important! You can have a tank that has all the other factors but if the coils your tank takes are not set up to produce big clouds it will never happen. To produce clouds in all comes down to surface area and the wattage the coil can take.

We will talk more about wattage when we get to the power section of this guide so for now, let’s talk about the surface area. Surface area both deals with the cotton and the amount of coil that is touching the cotton inside the tank coil. You might have wondered why you’ve seen tank coils with three or 4 coils in them for big clouds.

The answer is because you have three or four more times the wire touching cotton producing vapor and more cotton overall holding juice allowing for longer hits without going dry all cumulating to a big cloud. The other factor you must keep in mind is that you’re looking for a sub ohm coil anything around .15 ohms is best.

This type of tank/coil can take much higher watts more power equals more vapor produced if your system is set up the right way. So, make sure your tank support high wattage or your clouds will be lacking compared to your high power friends.

Vape Juice/Hardware Subscription!


To have the best tank for clouds airflow is essential you can have the highest wattage, perfect coil, but if your airflow is barely getting through the tank its a big limiter on the clouds you can produce. The more air that’s getting pulled across the coils the faster new vapor can be produced in its place and cooler it can be.

If you’re going to take a big hit, you need smooth airflow and a lot of it to keep your high-powered setups vape cool. Another factor is how easy the drag is if it’s like you’re trying to suck an ice cream shake out of a small straw your never going to get vapor into your lungs for that sweet monster cloud.

Juice Flow!

 All is for not if you take a big drag but halfway through the cotton goes dry and you get a dry hit, this will turn your monster cloud into a coughing session quick. Ideally, you want what’s called big juice ports on the sides of your coil.

They are the holes on the side of a coil that allows for the juice to get soaked into the cotton on the inside of the coil. Think of it as a pipe no matter how much water you have stored in your water heater the pipe limits how much water can flow through to your shower head at one time. Just like the example, your juice ports regulate how much juice can flow into your coils cotton.


The best tank for Clouds needs a matching power production we here at Coil to Cloud recommend a regulated mod with at least a 100-watt potential but no one will shame you for going higher. With that said its very important that as you go into these higher wattages you keep safety foremost in your mind and get the right batteries for the job.

If you need help with what batteries to use with your mod we recommend you check out our post-Best 18650 Batteries (The Definitive Guide To Vape Batteries). To constantly produce vapor especially with large pre-built coils such as a quad coil you’re going to need the power to support it. Make sure your mod can comfortably produce the power for the highest recommended wattage on the side of the coil.

Mod to pair with your setup

We’ve talked a bit about power but it’s very important that your best tank for clouds is backed up by the mod and batteries you need for success. We recommend a dual 18650 regulated mod. Mech mods can be amazing but their performance is truly shown when using an RDA. For tanks, a regulated mod gives you the ability to adjust your wattage to what you need for the coil/tank your using. Also, the regulated mod fits our theme of grab and go.

When you’re choosing your regulated mod if you’re truly wanting to produce big clouds most tanks have coils that require at least 200w of power. Get a mod that can do just that comfortably without overheating. For safety make sure you’re using the correct batteries to supply the power to your mod and tank if you need a guide to check out are post linked above.

We aren’t done yet we have some Pro tips to help you get the best clouds out of your tank!

Pro Tips!

E-Liquid to use?

When you’re just vaping for pleasure any type of E-Liquid will do but if you want to supply your best tank for clouds with the proper juice you have to be more specific. If you’ve been into vaping for some time you know there are two main ingredients Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) each one plays a different role in how much vapor you produce and the flavor/harshness of the nic.

Coil to Cloud pros tested and found that the 70/30 (VG to PG) ratio works the best if you don’t want to sacrifice your flavor and throat hit but still want the advantage of cloud potential. If you want to go all the way for beastly clouds, we recommend you chose as close to 100% VG E-Juice you can find.

Vaping Technique

To blow the biggest cloud even the way you inhale and exhale matters. Practicing different techniques can help you fill up to full lung capacity so when you exhale you get the biggest cloud possible. We understand that not all are vapers will want to go this far in the quest for cloud supremacy but in case you do check this video out for some basics.

Cloud Chasing Dangers

We wouldn’t be responsible if we didn’t mention safety the reality is that when your pushing for the biggest clouds we all tend to use are vape equipment at the upper end of their intended use. Coil to Cloud encourages you to please make sure you always check your setup and take care of it replacing batteries etc… as they get worn so you never have to worry about your safety!

Best tank for clouds!

Here it is your guide to the recommended tanks for big clouds understand that all these recommendations are based on cloud production and the four factors we talked about earlier. If you enjoy flavor more or don’t want to burn through juice quickly these tanks might not be for you. These suggestions are for the people that want the absolute best tank for clouds that we could find and are not in any particular order enjoy!

Remember these suggestions are by no means every good tank but those we have found that work the best in are opinion!

Smok TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank

best tank for clouds

The Prince tank is a tank that produces some of the best clouds for the wattage around Smok learned and tweaked some of the there problems from there cloud beast tank and made a tank that can produce good clouds (but not the best) while still maintaining substantial flavor. We loved the ability to choose if we wanted to blow mad clouds or chuck some flavor by simply changing the airflow and coils. This tank is an all-around good option for a vaper looking to get into the big cloud game without sacrificing everything. For the best cloud production, we suggest you use the V12 Prince T10 coil rated for 80W-100W.

Vaporesso Cascade Tank

best tank for clouds

Worthy of its spot as one of the best tank for clouds it reminds most people of the king of tank cloud chasing the cloud beast king tank. Its .15 Ohm coils rated for 80w-200w can put out some serious clouds. It’s for the vapor that’s willing to give up a bit of flavor for cloud production but it does its job well. The top-fill function is very convenient especially since its slightly smaller juice capacity has you filling up more often. Make sure if you’re going to give this tank a try that you have a mod that can produce up to the 200W it takes to power this bad boy.

Eleaf Melo 300 Tank

best tank for clouds

Coils that can go to 300w yes 300w! You know this tank is beast we’ve found that if you want any flavor vaping it at 125w-150w lets you have the best experience and doesn’t completely destroy your battery life. The Eleaf Melo 300 with its large juice capacity and cloud production can stand up to the best cloud chasing tanks around. The only downside we’ve found is it doesn’t include extra glass so just don’t break it!

The only problem is nowadays this tank seems to be impossible to find if you can get your hands on one  it give it a try!

Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast King

best tank for cloudsbest tank for clouds

Here it is what most people consider the cloud blowing king. Coils that can handle 350w though recommended to stay at 200w its 6-coil design allow it to produce more vapor then you ever thought possible. The Smok TFV 12 Cloud Beast King is for the serious vaper looking to show off at the vape shop. You can’t go wrong with a classic and it holds true to its name! If you enjoy blasting away at high watts, then this is the tank for you but if you want similar performance while sacrificing some clouds the prince tank above is a great compromise.

Final thoughts

Those are the best tank for clouds suggestions, we know there are others out there that produce mad clouds but we are just not willing here at Coil to Cloud to compromise on flavor, build quality, etc… if you have other suggestions join our Facebook group and start a discussion when it comes down to it the best tank for clouds is the tank that fits your needs the best! Check out our content and reach out on Facebook if you have something you’d like to see on the site and keep chucking.

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