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Determining The Best Tank For Flavor Chasing!

Getting good flavor out of your vape is important, here will be determining what is the best tank for flavor chasing. After trying out many different tanks we were able to determine the best tanks for flavor!

The best tank for flavor chasing is the Horizon Tech Falcon. However the Fireluke Mesh Pro, Fireluke Mesh, Uforce T2, Uforce T1, Diamond 25mm, and the ADVKEN OWL, are also all great tanks for flavor chasing!

Let’s take a look at each tank and begin our flavor chasing journey!

The Falcon!

The Falcon by Horizon Tech is a incredible tank with incredible flavor. There are 2 different versions of the Falcon tank, the standard and resin edition. It does not matter which version you choose at it is purely a cosmetic choice but is still a nice pro for those who like that resin look.

The falcon tank will come factory with a bubble style glass and a replacement straight through glass as well. Horizon Tech also throws in some replacement o-rings just in case some accidents happen. The Falcon tank is a pure mesh style tank and each coil was crafted very carefully and generously by Horizon tank for flavor chasing

The Falcon changed the way flavor was delivered by changing over to a mesh coil and changing up the style of cotton that was used. Wood pulp cotton is installed in this tank and absolutely wicks like a dream. The cotton is mainly the reason why this is the best tank for flavor chasing.

Horizon Tech did something special with the Falcon, the machinery is smooth, the airflow adjustments are perfect, and most importantly, the coils that are thrown into this tank perform incredibly well without sacrificing coil life.

We absolutely adore our Falcon tank and it is still our go to tank whenever we decide to switch off of a RDA.

Now for those of you who still prefer traditional coils, you are in luck. The Falcon tank has 6 different variations of coils of you to install. The Falcon has the F1, F2, F3, M1, M2, and M3, coils all ready and available for you as well.

The F series coils are your standard style coils each increasing an additional coil as you move up. And the M series coils are your single, double, and triple mesh coils. This is literally a tank you just have to experience for yourself first to understand what we mean by flavor chasing. This is without a doubt the best tank for flavor chasing. Go check out/get yourself a Falcon Tank and see what the hype is about.

Fireluke Mesh Pro!

FreeMax nailed a home run with their Fireluke Mesh Pro! Once again this has 2 different cosmetic variants, the normal and the resin editions of the tank. However once again this is only a cosmetic feature and has no impact on performance.

That being said, the first thing you will notice about this tank is the size of it. This thing is an absolute monster and holds a ton of juice. It does have a habit of drinking that juice up fairly quickly but it isn’t to bad due to the size, the clouds, and the flavor you will get off of this tank for flavor chasing

The Mesh Pro Tank has quite a significant amount of coil options readily available for it as well. Now while it isn’t as lenient as the Falcon tank, the Fireluke Mesh Pro Tank has 4 different coil variants. A single, double, triple, and even a quad mesh coil available for it.

Additionally the Mesh Pro Tank also has a unique locking pin for your airflow as well, it’s smooth, and it’s a nice touch.

All coils have their own unique wattage recommendations and finding that sweet spot can be tricky, but once you get it down, it might just be the best tank for flavor chasing for you!

Fireluke Mesh (Normal)

The normal Fireluke was what made the Fireluke Mesh Pro happen to begin with. The coils, the size, the looks, and the performance of this thing is absolutely awesome! These mesh coils in the traditional Fireluke Mesh hit like a champion and deliver so much flavor it literally set the standard for mesh coil tank for flavor chasing

The single mesh coil in the standard Fireluke Mesh Tank is literally perfection in a coil. It has great flavor, looks incredible with all it’s little slots and grooves, and lasts for a significant amount of time as well. The airflow is almost near perfection and quite possibly might be perfect for you as well.

The tank isn’t insanely large like it’s counterpart the Mesh Pro, however it is still an incredible tank for those of you looking for flavor. This tank was specifically designed for flavor chasers and trust us, it delivers that promise perfectly well without even breaking a sweat.

Uforce T2!

Voopoo has been in the vape game for long time and many vapers out there freak out whenever they drop a new product. While they are most famous for the Voopoo Drag/Drag 2 kits, the new variation of the original Uforce brings us to the Uforce T2.

This is an upgraded mesh version of the original Uforce tank that delivers quite a compelling sense of flavor to your vape game. If you’re looking for a elegant looking tank that isn’t monstrous in size, then this tank will be perfect for tank for flavor chasing

Vape Juice/Hardware Subscription!

This thing delivers flavor incredibly and it also produces a nice cloud of vapor as well. The airflow is smooth and every small bit of this tank is carefully crafted along with the coils. The original coil that comes in it isn’t anything to brag about, but throw in that extra .15 ohm mesh coil that comes with the tank in its box, and you are off to a flavorful treat.

When we tried this tank out the first time we vaped a strawberry watermelon flavor, this was the only tank for us so far that actually delivered all of the flavors packed into the juice. We got a perfect 50/50 ratio of the strawberry and watermelon and were blown away by it’s performance. The Uforce T2 might be the best tank for cloud chasing for it’s size and style for sure!

Uforce T1!

Just like the tank before, Uforce had to have a previous line up which was the T1 version. This was the original Voopoo tank that came out around the same time as the Voopoo Drag. However just because it isn’t a “modernized” version doesn’t mean it cannot pack some serious flavor.

The factory coils in the original Uforce isn’t the best thing in the world, however one thing that does make this tank incredible is there is a small little adapter on the coils to keep them in place. The best part is, it threads and comes tank for flavor chasing

Now why is this important? Because the Fireluke Mesh coil takes that same adapter and allows you to run fireluke mesh coils inside of your Uforce T1 completely changing the way this tank functions. It delivers flavor with one of these coils and it delivers it well.

This slide to fill tank is a nice addition and the reason why we chose to add it to this list is because of it’s price point. You can typically pick up this tank for around $20 now and just set it up with some of the original Fireluke Mesh coils.

The original Fireluke coils have dropped in price too making this one of the best tanks for flavor chasing if you are on a budget.

Diamond 25mm!

Ijoy has been in the vape game for some time and they have come up with a pretty unique tank as well. The Diamond 25mm is a mesh style tank once again that uses a different form of mesh which is why it stands out.

Ijoy came out with their own unique version of the mesh coil and from what we have heard it’s made of N80 to reduce ramp up time on the atomizer. This means at a stable .15 ohms, this thing is able to chuck vapor out relatively quickly without having to wait for the coil to heat tank for flavor chasing

Not only does this increase cloud production but this also means that it will increase your flavor as well.

The main reason why this tank sticks out so well though is because of how they designed the way this coil is positioned. The bottom part of the deck is honed out flatter and less deep which will locate the coil closer to your mouth. This in the long term increases flavor, however what’s nice about this tank is the fact that even the coil is close, it still doesn’t spit hot juice back into your mouth.

This is a great flavor chaser tank and now that it is being sold separately , it’s one you might want to look into for the long haul.


This tank is incredible in every way, shape, and form. Once again this is a mesh style tank that can throw so much flavor very quickly. This is a cool designed tank that is very pleasing to the eye, but also followed the same suit the Diamond did.

The coil is fairly close to the mouth enabling a much more flavorful experience and is once again a N80 mesh coil. This reduces ramp up and gives you that flavor immediately rather than having to wait for it.

The only thing we didn’t like about it was the top flow airflow. We understand they did it to reduce condensation from it while you vape, but this thing would have shined a lot more if they would of left it a bottom flow tank. best tank for flavor chasing

Now one big pro about this tank is how versatile it is. They nailed it perfectly in terms of versatility. The OWL tank supports the following coils: Dominator, Baby TFV12 Prince, The TFV8 baby beast coils, and the original Vapresso coils as well.

These coils all thread in there perfectly making it a perfect tank for someone wanting to try out multiple coils. If you don’t have one, we definitely recommend getting one or even giving it a try if you know someone that has one.


We still believe the Falcon is the way to go if you are looking for the best tank for flavor chasing. It packs a nice subtle punch and has so much flavor coming out of it that it changes the way you vape. It’a great tank from a great company and we believe if you pick one up, you will not be disappointed.

Don’t forget to check out the best coils for cloud chasing as well, or even our post on how long do coils last to expand that coil life!

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