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Good Cheap Box Mods To Start Vaping With!

First and foremost this guide wont just be for vape mods that are low quality. We wanted to put in the best quality devices for the price, we will include good cheap box mods but also excellent ones within a decent price range as well!

What Makes A Box Mod “Good”?

When we experimented with many types of devices, we mainly looked at many different things and we were very picky when it came to our choices. We determined the choice strictly based on build quality, features included, battery draw, and general output performance.

The way a device looks is a bonus but we didn’t really consider this a factor and more or less just a small plus to the way the device looks. When we stated “build quality” we mean how well does the device hold up if it’s accidentally dropped. Many of the box mods out there look great, but unfortunately won’t handles a nasty fall. Additionally, we’re going to take into consideration the machine quality of each part of the mod, if it’s smooth and elegant without any sharp burs, then we immediately began to consider it one of the good cheap box mods to get started with. If it’s machined great, hopefully, it features are great!

When it comes to the features section of each box mod we were looking for specific mandatory things. These features always included a temp control option or another sort of wire option to tell the mod to fire differently depending on the wire you use. This ensures a great experience no matter what type of wire you chose which is a great perk to have available.

Battery draw was a tough one to bear into consideration. If a mod only lasted three hours long on consistent vaping, it wouldn’t make the cut, no one likes dead batteries! And as for the output performance, how well the device manager to perform with many types of coils being thrown at it! With all of this now laid out on the table, let’s take a peek at some of the good cheap box mods that you should know about!

Reuleaux RX Gen 3!

Wismec is kind of the lone sheep in the vape industry, they don’t typically launch new devices often and for the most part they usually only meet par when it comes to quality. This one specifically however they did decide to turn up the impressive factor with one of their devices.

The first thing we noticed when tearing into this mod was the three battery capacity on it instead of two.

We put this thing to the test and chain vaped on it for quite some time and she kept up with us fairly well. There we days just on normal use that we were able to get almost two days out of the batteries in them with it. Now we do understand that certain batteries are better than others, but we were still impressed by how well she kept chucking the vapor even on a low battery. This mod will last you quite a while under normal use for sure!

As for the build quality, it really is a sleek little box mod. For the devices odd shape, it definitely looks uncomfortable to hold but it handles surprisingly well when grasped and we were greatly amazed when we picked it up in our hands for the first time. Even after puffing on it for the first time we knew it was going to be one of the good cheap box mods to start off with. The battery door was machined well and some users have had some problems with the battery door slipping open on them, but even after 6 months it still hasn’t broken the little tab that holds the door in place.

good cheap box modsIt can be however frustrating to insert the batteries due to them being on the bottom of the device and you have to kind of “slide” the door into place to lock your batteries. While this isn’t a horrible feature, some users can find it rather frustrating. Other than that the box mod typically can live through quite a few accidental falls (we all have them) and the position of the screws and just the way it was built does make it pretty durable!

Feature-wise this thing does have many different options. You can run temp control with it and custom firmware if you choose to. It lets you run normal Kanthal, Stainless Steel, and Nickel wire giving you many different options to customize your vape experience. There is even an option in the device to setup MCR options should you choose to which lets you save your ultimate vape experience for future uses. All in all, for a $35-45 price tag, this definitely is a good cheap box mod for an advanced and even better, a starting vaper!

Smok T-Priv!

Smok has been in the vaping industry for quite a while now and when they released their T-Priv, the vape community literally went crazy over it. This thing literally did everything, it looked sleek, it performed well, and it lit up! It literally was just an awesome massive box mod!

Taking a deeper look at the T-Priv, this device takes home to two vape batteries and man do they last quite a while. Hours on end we were chucking clouds with this mod and she didn’t want to tire out on us. It was definitely impressive. This is a mod you could take to work and vape on and still have plenty of batteries left when you get home.

Machining wise this mod was partially metal, partially plastic. The threads where you put atomizer on was perfect and always tightened down nicely without much effort and the best part was you instantly knew when it was tight enough but not too tight. You always usually got the perfect grip with your atomizers which is where most box mods fail, this definitely is what caught our eyes for one of the good cheap box mods.

good cheap box modsThe battery door on it is nice and easy to use as well. It just simply works, it snaps into place nicely and doesn’t open up unexpectedly on you which is always a great perk. The grip on the device is smooth and sleek as well and the fire button is rather large, but the grip style fire button it has is a nice touch. The only real thing we noticed wrong with the device is the top screws that hold it together are rather short and they do begin to come loose after a while, failing to keep up on this does tend to lead to the mod disassembling and forcing you to put it back together. Other than that, we have no grips with the assembly/machining of this mod.

Feature-wise this thing does it all and it does it super well. Between being able to change colors, selecting the style of vape (temp control/wire select) it virtually has everything any vapor should ever need. The settings menu is in-depth and easy to navigate and we really liked the coil adjust feature built into it as well. If you didn’t quite get it to ohm out exactly where you wanted it to, you could tell the mod to fire the atomizer at a different ohm instead. Now while it wasn’t a huge difference you could set it to, it really did make coils seamlessly fire differently allowing you to get your perfect vape experience!

However our favorite part was how well it performed in temp control, Smok literally got it perfectly here and it made running temp control for first-time temp vapors very easy. For a $40-60 price tag on this box mod, it’s kind of hard to pass up on.

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Voopoo Drag!

To say this falls into the category of good cheap box mods is literally underrated. The Voodoo Drag has been the latest hot topic in the vape world currently and it’s for a good reason. Before we dive down into any features lets discuss the machining and quality of this mod. First off, this thing I don’t believe can be broken.

We stress tested just how much this mod could take, even after many throws to a cement wall, she still only has a few scrapes.

When we say “throw” we literally mean we threw it at a wall made of cement with decent force and the mod barely looks like it’s even been used. This thing is built amazingly and were unsure if it can even be broken with normal vape use and accidental falls. Additionally, the battery door on this is magnetic which some people may look at as a bad thing, but we promise, if a box mod were to have a magnetic door, it better be just like this. They literally have perfected it.

It takes some work to get it off but they were nice enough to add a little tab to make removal easy, it’s not easy to the point though where it won’t pop off unexpectedly. The threads for your atomizer are perfect as well and it’s almost impossible to “over tighten” the atomizer on the device. A nice little perk as well is all the different color variants that the box mod comes with as well, we’re sure you will be able to find one that catches your eye and say “I want that!”good cheap box mods

Feature wise this thing does it all as well, that’s why it’s hard to say that it’s one of the good cheap box mods, it’s much more than that. The drag allows for custom firmware, wire selection, and all your usual temp control properties as well. However, this device gets it perfect. We personally like a warm vape in temp control and it exceeds expectations in the temp control area. It fires coils perfectly every time and when in temp control it just performs perfectly.

We literally think this is a mod that will be around for a long time and won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. You can pick yourself up a Voopoo Drag for around $50-$65. This makes an excellent choice and not just one of the good cheap box mods, but an excellent cheap fair priced box mod!

IJoy Diamond PD270!

It’s kind of ironic and pretty much a no brainer that this device is called the “Diamond” when you look at this mod it literally looks like a diamond. However names aside, this box mod takes the cake when it comes to an intro-advanced box mod. We tried it, we loved it, we want many more in different color options!

Ijoy’s diamond box mod is powered by the company IWEPAL which is known for making excellent chip sets.

First and foremost the machining on this thing is flawless. It’s a comfortable little mod to hold in your hands, it feels perfect, looks perfect, and is assembled to excellent quality. Every screw was strategically placed to ensure the mod holds up under severe conditions and surprisingly the screen is incredibly difficult to crack. Not only that but the pure machining quality is outstanding, everything that is put into place isn’t cheaply made, no burs, no cheap plastic used, it’s all excellent materials used to craft one of these good cheap box mods.

Feature-wise this box in our opinion outperforms anything on the market in the temp control option. It just works well that’s all we can say, you would have to experience it to understand why we feel this way, but they literally perfected the temp control option on here. The device is powered by dual 20700 batteries but it also includes an adapter for 18650 battery support as well which is outstanding.

good cheap box modsAdditionally the device powers up flawlessly with Ti, Kanthal, Ni 200, and Stainless steel 316 wire types. On top of that, if you’re looking for a massive cloud chaser, this box supports all the way down to .05 ohms making it very suitable for low builds that want to pump out high power!

Now one of the great features this box also comes with is the ability to buy the kit as well when you purchase the kit, it will come with Ijoy’s infamous captain tank pre-assembled on there in case you down want to buy a tank or RDA to go with the box. We noticed personally this device definitely prefers RDA’s and when partnered with a set of dual fused Clapton coils, this thing absolutely chucks the vapor like no tomorrow. It has a hefty life span when running in the 20700 battery mode and it isn’t too bad with the 18650 batteries either.

Combined with multiple color variants this for sure tops our list for good cheap box mods. The kit (if you choose to do so) only will set you back $50-60 which is quite impressive due to the build quality and it comes with a tank. The standard box mod by itself is a simple setback of $35-45 making it one of the most advanced low budget box mods out there!


Obviously if were to list out favorite box mods in the order it would be the following:

Ijoy Diamond PD270

Voopoo Drag




RX Gen 3

You may disagree with out list as every vaper has their own unique style and taste in the vaping community, however based on our experiences and for overall build quality and price, these box mods stood out to us big time!

Have a box mod you absolutely loved!? Let us know what mod really stood out for you and was cost effective! Additionally, make sure you check out our list of the best RDA’s to power up your new device as well!

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