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Understand How Long Does A Coil Last!?

How long does a coil last? First and foremost there are many variables the impact the life of your vape coils. By time you get done with this guide, you will know everything that impacts the life of your precious vape coils!

Coils typically last around 1 month, however coils can burn out within 1 week or last even longer depending on wattage and other habits.


The Juice You Use Can Be A Weight!

This is probably the biggest question most people have, does my e-juice really impact the life of my vape coils? The simple answer is yes, different types of juice have a massive impacts on vape coils.

Thicker juices (usually a darker color) tend to “gum” up your coils much quicker.

Basically this boils down to most of your “custard” style of flavors. Flavors that are not pure fruit flavors tend to have an effect your coil’s life span. Chain vaping these flavors will cause your coils to get black and gummed up much more quickly than if you were to vape a straight fruit flavor.

You will notice that when you go to vape a specific flavor that some of them have a darker hue to them and some of them look crystal clear. The clearer the color of the juice, the less harsh it appears to be on your vape coil. This is one of the leading key factors on how long does a coil last.

As you continue to chain vape a clearer colored e-juice you will notice your coil last significantly longer than if you were to vape a darker colored flavored.

The type of coil you use!

Tank Coils!

This is obviously a given but don’t be alarmed immediately. For starters, most people are vaping on tanks and typically have the standard thread in type vape coil. These coils are normally use for about a month and then are usually discarded.

As the coil starts to lose it’s life span, the flavor and throat hit from the tank will begin to vanish as the life of the coil goes downward. This is usually resolved by discarding the coil and purchasing a new one. However how does this actually impact the factor of how long does a coil last?how long does a coil last

There is a wonderful youtuber called “rip trippers” that has an excellent video on cleaning your vape coils so you can re-use them. Now while they will not be at 100% it is a giant money saver as some coils can vary between $5-$10 making them sometimes expensive to stock up on.


Most vapors have heard of the term “RDA” or rebuild-able dripper atomizer, these are the coils that you usually build yourself and install them into a build deck then wick. These coils tend to last significantly longer due to the fact of they do get gummed up, however they are also incredibly easy to clean.

To clean your RDA coil to make them last longer rather than having to re-wrap a new coil simply do the following:

  1. Remove the cotton from your coil.
  2. Fire your coils until red hot (we usually glow them around the “optimal” firing range for the coil).
  3. Carefully unscrew the build deck from your mod.
  4. Run the coil/build deck under a steady stream of cold/warm water. This will remove most of the black gunk on your coil.
  5. Repeat the process until it’s clean.
  6. For extra credit, they sell brushes you can use to scrub your coil as well to get all of the gunk off.
  7. Re-wick and enjoy your coil again!

RDA coils do tend to last significantly longer than most of your standard tank style thread in type coils. But the question still remains, how long does a coil last!?

We will get to that, but there is more factors you should/need to know about!

The Type Of Material The Coil Is Made Up Of!

This is probably the biggest factor when it comes to your coil’s life span. There are many types of materials that are used to make vape wire these days. The most common are Kanthal, Stainless Steel, and Nickel.

All these materials burn differently and will have a massive impact on how your vape performs and how long your coil lives.

Most tank style coils have a “ohm” reading on the side of the coil. Always check with a vape professional or manufacturer of the coil to determine the best “range” that you should fire the coil at.

The reason you should always check with someone that knows the firing range of the coil is if you run it to high you can burn the coil up rendering it useless. Here’s and example:

A coil that Ohms out to .5 will mostly be ran at a lower wattage. Running this coil above 150 watts would burn the coil almost instantly and cause the coil to hit harshly and destroy the coil’s flavor as well.

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Now someone that has a coil that Ohms out to .1-.15 could potentially run it at higher wattage levels if they choose to do so. Being that it Ohms out so low, they can run their device higher to produce more smoke and have more flavor without damaging the coil. This is why most people actually research the subject on how long does a coil last?

Type Of Wicking!

If you own a tank then this really doesn’t apply to you but it’s always good information to know in case you decide to switch to a RDA or rebuild-able atomizer. Most of the vape coils out there that thread into a tank typically always have the right amount of cotton tucked into them.

However if you have a RDA than this is important to note.

Having too much cotton in a RDA can cause juice not to flow correctly which will burn up the coil due to it not getting enough juice.

The other counterpart can also be not having enough cotton in your atomizer as well. This will usually lead to leaks and popping from your coil.

how long does a coil lastWhen you wick a RDA you want the cotton to be “snug” so when you pull it through the coil it was some resistance but not enough to where it’s incredibly hard to move. Also make sure you are “fluffing” out your cotton to ensure juice can travel easily through your cotton to your coil.

How Long Does A Coil Last!?

Very simply put there is no “real” life span to your vape coils. Most tank coils usually live to be about a month to a month and a half. Most RDA coils are about the same life span but are much easier to clean and typically tend to be able to run up to 6 months.

Ensuring your coil is fired at the correct wattage and paying attention to the color of your e-juice is usually the best way to judge how long your coil will actually live. Additionally make sure your coils have no shorts in them or any “hot spots” which could lead to burning and a shorter life span of your coils.

Can I Repair A Coil To Last Longer?

In a standard tank style coil unfortunately no, once you have burned a coil to the point where a piece of it snaps off or no longer makes a connection the coil is officially ruined. Also it is tedious but some professional vapors have been able to re-wick their tank coils however it is much easier to replace them.

For those of you who are looking to fix a RDA coil, the good news is they are much easier to fix. Most of the time a simple re-adjust of your coil’s legs and some new cotton usually will make them fire correctly again after a proper cleaning.

Most of the time though most of the world usually decides to simply put a new build into their RDA deck in order to ensure that they get a clean new smooth vape experience. Sometimes though you manage to build that perfect coil and want to continue using it.

This is where using the cleaning method definitely shines and ensures you can keep the perfect coil of yours into action!

So the final answer to the question of how long does a coil last. Tanks expect around 30-45 days, and for RDA style coils depending on wire and such, expect around 3-6 months depending on vape habits, juice, and build quality of the coils!

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