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The Flooded Coil Fix!

Whether your an experienced vaper or just a newcomer a flooded coil can be the end to your vaping enjoyment, not to mention messy. We here at Coil to Cloud want you to have the best experience vaping so we’ve put together this informative guide so you will have less flooded coils and always know how to fix a flooded coil!

 Flooded coils plage everyone and are most common because of wicking issues or letting the tank sit for too long, but there can be many more issues. We plan to go over every circumstance so no matter the device or problem you’ll have a solution! It will teach you…

– What is a flooded coil?

-How to identify if you have a flooded coil

-Surefire fixes to flooded coils

-Ways to prevent future flooded coils

The easyest way to fix a flooded coil is to just change it out for a brand new one but we want to teach you how to save your coils!

What is a flooded Coil and How to identify it?

Before we can learn how to fix a flooded coil or prevent it we need to understand what it is. Unfortunately, a flooded coil doesn’t look the same every time, it depends on the device your using. Let’s go over what a flooded coil is and how to identify it on each device RDA, RTA, and tank. So you can recognize right away there’s a problem and how to fix a flooded coil before you get the horrible hot juice in your mouth that everyone hates.

Flooded RDA

how to fix a flooded coil

If your atomizer looks like this you have an RDA. An RDA flooded coil comes down to way to much juice and the cotton can no longer hold it. In severe cases like in the image above the juice well of the RDA is completely full and as you can see the juice is almost leaking off the cotton. How does this happen well with RDA it comes down to user error.

You might have been busy and not paying attention to how much juice you were dipping or someone already dripped and you didn’t know, either way, you’re next drag is guaranteed to supply a mouth full of hot juice.

Worst of all if you even tip your RDA chances are juice will come spilling out of the air holes and you have a mess on your hands. Here at Coil to Cloud are experts are committed to giving you the best vaping experience we can offer so keep reading and learn how to fix a flooded coil so this isn’t you!

Flooded RTA

how to fix a flooded coil

An RTA in basic form is just the deck of the RDA with a tank portion that fits over top instead of the normal RDA cap. Since there is no dripping involved and the coils aren’t viewable you cant visually check for flooded coils but instead, you have to listen for the telltale signs of gurgling and spitting juice a flooded coil makes. Also when a coil is flooded in an RTA the airholes tend to leak.  When you take a hit the airflow will feel restricted.

For an RTA incorrect wicking is the most common factor or most RTA’s, another common cause is nowadays most RTA’s has the ability to turn the device and it will cover the juice holes when this function isn’t used when leaving the device overnight the coils can get flooded.

When wicking flooding coils will occur when there isn’t enuff cotton in the juice ports too much juice flows into the coil and it floods. Luckily how to fix a flooded coil on an RTA isn’t any harder you just need to be able to recognize the signs of the flooded coil in the first place.

Flooded Tank

how to fix a flooded coil

A flooded tank is most likely the reason you came to this post. With an RDA or RTA worst case you can always just put new cotton in and move on but with a tank no one wants to replace a coil before they need too. Coils can be expensive or you may be out and about and don’t have access to new coils. Since with a tank you visually see how much juice to put in and you don’t directly drip any juice on the coil its rare for the tank to flood because too much juice is added.

There are two main reasons why a tank will flood first its been left sitting around for many days without use. After a couple of days, the force of the juice in the tank pushes wicks into the coil and since your not taking any hits the cotton gets oversaturated thus a flooded coil. Second, the tank, coil, or rings were put together incorrectly allowing to much juice to flow into the coil.

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Other problems can occur such as using too thin of juice so the wick pulls too much liquid to fast or leaving your tank on its side all day but these problems aren’t as common. Just remember with tanks the gurgling popping sound of too much juice is the telltale sign that you have a flooded coil. It’s also possible that your coils lifespan is over or you have a burnt coil check out our article on Why my coil keeps burning out for more info.

If you’d like a suggested tank that many of us here at Coil to Cloud have used and found to have very few problems you can check it out here. Every tank has a few problems but overall we have been happy with this one!

best tank for clouds

How to fix a flooded coil!

Now you know what to look for no matter what device you have. Let’s get into how to fix a flooded coil and then later show you some preventive methods so the chances of you getting a flooded coil are as close to zero as possible.

These flooded coil fix’s have been used by vapers all over the world and have been proven to work, but if one doesn’t work for you try the others, if unfortunately none of the fixes here work there’s a high chance that your coil isn’t getting flooded by the normal means and there is a mechanical problem such as improper wicking or a busted o ring.

If that’s the case more aggressive actions should be taken such as taking apart your tank and checking all the seals or seeing if the coil itself is defective. Are buddy Rip Trippers has a great resource on leaking sub ohm tanks you should check it out if you have more questions on how to keep your tank from leaking.

Not every fix works for every device but one fix will work for you!

Fix 1# (RTA’s and tanks)

This fix is a general fix for most RTA’s and tanks that the coil is flooded but in our opinion, not the best. It holds is spot on our list because its an old tried and true method and will always work if the coil is not extremely flooded but lightly flooded or seems like its right about to be flooded. Its referenced often as “burn the juice off” or “purging the coil” instead of inhaling you blow out through the atomizer while holding the power button effectively burning off the excess juice.

When your coil first starts to get flooded this can work wonders because the accumulated juice on the cotton gets vaporized off without you having to inhale it. But for a very flooded coil this, of course, will send juice out the airholes of the device this is why it’s not an effective method of how to fix a flooded coil for an RDA. The problems with this fix are mainly extremely saturated cotton cant be easily purged with a couple hits and usually ends up with a juice mess on your mod.

Also your at risk for burning your coil if you aren’t careful how much you purge the coil for. If you need an easy fix that can work occasionally we at Coil to Cloud want you to try it and let us know what you think.

Fix 2# (RDA’s)

If your rocking an RDA good news is it’s easy to explain how to fix a flooded coil. Your first step to minimize a mess is to unscrew your RDA off of the mod your using. Next, you have to gauge how overfilled and flooded your RDA is. If you can take the top cap off without having juice go everywhere do that if not move on to the next step it just may be a bit more difficult to not make a mess.

Your goal is to soak up the excess liquid in the juice well this can be done with the tip of a paper towel, qtip, cotton ball, etc… Once that is done you can replace the top cap and after cleaning up the outside of your RDA with juice if there is any follow tip #1 and purge the coil a couple of times until you can see the cotton is no longer saturated. From there you can continue to drip and hit your vape normally.

Fix 3# (RTA’s and Tanks)

Fix #3 is our favorite of the fixes for RTA’s and tanks. It can work in all situations and there are two versions of it we will explain. The basic steps of this fix are the same it requires you to wrap something absorbent around the airholes of your device paper towel, tissue paper, etc…

Without hitting the fire button purge the vape by blowing as forcefully as you can into the atomizer.  If this goes as planned will blow most of the excess e-juice off of the cotton through the air holes and on to whatever you are using to cover them. You can then test the vape to see if it still flooded if so repeat.

The other variation to this is to do the same thing but while holding your vape upsidedown. Many experienced vapers swear by this method. After doing this a couple of times if your coil is still slightly flooded you can finish purging it using fix #1.

Fix 4# (The universal fix)

Sad to say but this fix isn’t any secret technique if you’ve tried all these fixes and done them correctly but your coils continue to get flooded your easiest answer to how to fix a flooded coil is to simply change out the coil. Now we know that’s not what you want to hear but sometimes in the case of a rebuildable atomizer (RDA or RTA) the build/wicking is faulty and needs to be redone. Or in the case of a tank though rare sometimes new coils are defective and will never function properly. If the problems remain consistent we encourage you to check your build/hardware for problems.

Preventative measures!

Sometime in your vaping life, you will have a flooded coil be that because of user error or faulty hardware it will happen to you, but we here at Coil to Cloud want to make that chance the lowest we can. Now that we’ve taught you how to fix a flooded coil we want to go over the best ways to prevent it

. So that in the future you can have the lowest chances possible and enjoy your vape to the fullest. There are a lot of reasons a flooded coil can happen and we don’t want you to have to read one big paragraph about it so we are going to bullet point the most common reasons you get a flooded coil let us know if these tips help you out.

 *Broken or loose Oring

*Hit the vape too hard

*Get juice down the center of the tank

*Temp change warm temp make the juice thinner

* Watts too low for the coil your using

* Too little wicking material (RDA and RTA)

*Over prime the coil

* Tank left on its side

* Not closing your juice ports when not using (RTA)

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