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Is Vaping Dying Out? Is It Really Going Anywhere?

This is a huge question asked in the vaping community and it’s a question we really wanted to break down and go into. All of us vapers ask at one point in time, is vaping dying out or is it going anywhere?

The big answer to this question is no, vaping is definitely still alive and well. There have been regulations put into place but the vaping industry is more alive now than it was before.

Now the big question is, how do we know that? Well lets take a look and back it up with the pros and cons.

Many Smokers Switching Over.

We have seen so many smokers switch over to vapes and trust us we know. We work in a vape shop ourselves and notice the trends and what people ask for. Many people are looking at pod based systems like the Boulder or the Minifit.

Every time they come in typically looking for a pod system. We would say around 80% of them are people looking to get off the cigarettes and switch over to the vape. Despite all the things said about vaping they still went into the mindset of “I can adjust my nicotine and ween myself off of it.”

This immediately shows just how alive the vaping community is and will always be active. Many people come into our local vape shops looking to continue to drop their nicotine levels until their off it for good. However a majority of them also obtain the mindset of “I really enjoy this and just want to lower my nicotine, but continue to vape at a low dose.”

Long story short there are a lot of smokers looking to ditch nicotine for good and a majority of them these days switch to a vape to do so.

The Numbers State Differently.

Factual numbers are the only reason why we know. Let’s just take a look at google trends:

is vaping dying out

As you can see all the way back to 2014 when vaping actually started to take a firm grip in today’s society, if anything it is researched/searched for more and more. It never sinks down and is commonly researched everyday. This shows specifically just for the term “vape” alone it is a widely searched term that continues to grow.

This fact shows that just in google alone not even counting Yahoo Search, and Bing, that vaping is still on the rize and doesn’t plan on going anywhere, anytime soon. So is vaping dying out, in short on this graph alone, absolutely not.

The Day Everything Changed!

Now obviously many things have changed over the past couple of years. Such as vaping be labelled as a tobacco product and for it to no longer be sold to minors. Honestly many people have their opinions about it but we felt that this was a good move. Nicotine is addictive and yes you should be 18+ or even older in some states in order to purchase products with nicotine.

Many younger people were outraged by this, but this was a good move. Vaping was officially taxed and regulated and many more things came in store when this happened.

You could not longer vape in buildings just like smokers, minors could no longer buy vape products, and a whole lot more of changes would soon follow.

Now along with these changes, many things changed as well in local vaping shops. As an example, vape shops were no longer able to have “build nights” which is where you could at one time bring your RDA into a local shop and have a new coil built and installed for you.

This inevitably ended which many people voiced their concerns about, but many people also picked this up as an opportunity to learn how to adjust/build their own vapes as well.

The Giant Change We Knew That Was Coming!

Eventually something big came into the vape market, pod systems. Pod systems changed the way vaping was produced/looked at and it took it’s foothold in the vaping market by storm. Products like the infamous Juul, Boulder Rock, and the whole slew of Suorin products hit the market and took it by vaping dying out

The being said this also introduced the new very popular lines of Salt Nicotine juices that had a simple goal. Deliver the nicotine you wanted without delivering a harsh throat hit. It was simple, as close to a cigarette you could get, and you could still get your nicotine fix without having to look obnoxious in some people’s eyes blowing your gigantic clouds.

These devices were easily and portable and is one of the reasons why people ask, is vaping dying out?

However due to the fact pod systems became a “thing” with every choice there was a consequence.

Vape Juice/Hardware Subscription!

The Rise Of Pod Systems And The Local Flavor Bans.

Many people still think because of pod systems, this killed the vape industry. Now while there is factual numbers to back this up, is wasn’t the vapes that ruined flavors and other things for us. It was actually “us” that caused all this damage.

Lets face it, we as vapors wanted our cake with our frosting too. If everyone would have followed the rules vaping probably wouldn’t be looked at so harshly as it does today. Pod systems started to get into the hands of minors and some of the states/cities went with the approach of “lets ban flavors, this is appealing to minors.”

Now while we can see why many people would view it this way, every human being still has their choices. We were always taught when we were kids “With every choice, a consequence” good or bad it’s up to you. This remark could not be more true in the vaping industry.

We know buying products for minors is illegal and should not be done. However this is a double edged sword. If someone wants something bad enough, they will do just about anything to obtain it. Because of this many sites started requiring age verification for sales, and ID’s were to be required at the time of sale. The vape shops that started following their excellent ID procedures showed a great step in the vaping community. It’s the right thing to do.

The Rise Of Juul.

The Juul took the vape community by storm. It was easy to get, simple to use, and very low maintenance. However due to the recent events of what went on in the vaping community. Juul grew very quickly and the wrong things started to happen. Everyone wanted pod based systems and since they were easy to hide, many people took the wrong approach and slammed vaping’s name in the wrong direction.

Vaping quickly exploded in schools, minors everywhere had them and we technically had a “crisis” on our hands. We the vaping communities that were following the rules correctly were not being perceived as “wrongful” people when we in fact were following the rules.

Flavor bans started to happen and a majority of the well known vape shops started enforcing ID’s much more severely. Eventually a proposal was put forward and vaping became regulated, however due to this change, all eliquids and vapes would be pulled from gas stations and would only be allowed to be sold at “official vape stores” only.

This was a great change actually and many people looked at this as a negative, but will all due respects, this will only make vape shops more popular as people will need to visit local vape shops more often for vape specific needs.

That being said this is where Juul took a risky move and instead of moving themselves into local vape retailers only. They decided to pull the plug instead and make themselves an “online only” vendor but only for sometime. We do not know if or when Juul will come back to local retailers but by the looks of it right now, it’s online only for the Juul company.

You can read the report on this by CNBC by viewing it here.

This has in term spiked massive sales in the Minifit, Boulder Rock, Voopoo’s VFL, and Suorin products as well. Pod systems are low maintenance great entry level vape that can be purchased for relatively cheap and used on the fly. These pod based systems still are growing on popularity and we think it’s only going to get better as time goes on.

Device/Atomizer Evolution!

Vape devices have improved so much over the years it would be super complicated and super long to hit all the key points. This is why were going to shorten it up a bit. If you still think vaping is dying out because of pods systems, then that’s where our big devices come into play.

We work personally in a vape shop and if it’s one thing we see commonly as well. It’s people ditching the pod systems for bigger and more fulfilling device that will last them years to come. We went from basic wattage devices, to temp control, to now even mesh wire.

Mesh wire first came in RDA’s but now has even ascended into tanks now. The logic behind it was simple, more points of contact on cotton, more flavor/production. Going from a basic just simple wrapped coil to now the ever changing mesh wire has seriously changed the way we vaping dying out

RDA’s used to not even be a thing either. We can still remember just the basic pens with plastic tanks with really cheap “rope looking” wicks. This eventually changed into cartridges and then people began to build their own coils. This inevitably led to the birth of mechanical mods. Understanding resistance and ohms law became a must and everyone wanted a mechanical mod. They were great on flavor and produced massive clouds at the click of a button.

Then technology shifted and now we have a fancy regulated devices with protection chips in it so you can throw virtually anything at it and have a great vape experience. Because of this the “mech mod era” finally died down but is still very popular.

Additionally now though we have mods like the Aegis Legend, and Wismec Active. Super durable devices that are water proof and the Wismec Active even has Bluetooth capabilities to sync your phone up and play music out of. Not to mention just a year before that touch screen mods became a thing.

So is vaping dying out in terms of our devices/juice selection and nicotine options, absolutely not. Which leads us to our next point… Juices….

A Library Of Flavor.

There are literally thousands of juice manufacturers now as well. If it exists, there is probably a flavor for it. The best part is we could have over 50 different bottles of Strawberry and not a single one would probably taste the same. Every company uses different mixing procedures to try and accurately create that perfect flavor.

This leads you to wanting to try so many flavors and eventually find that “all day vape” that you have been looking for.

We personally try all sorts of new things on a day to day basis only because we want to deliver honest reviews to you guys regarding hardware and such, but there’s more on that later.

The amount of juice that we have available to us these days is absolutely incredible and it’s only going to continue going forward. Companies are exploding right now in terms of flavor manufacturing and it isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Youtube And You!

Then we hit the era way before any of the crazy devices started to come out. Youtube! Vapers could simply lookup a device/juice/hardware on youtube and probably find the answer they were looking for an a specific piece of hardware for their vape.

Not only did this explode on youtube, but forums opened up, blogging on vaping started happening and the community just exploded so quickly it took the world by storm. We now have Youtubers that make a full time living just by reviewing hardware sent to them by trust vape partners and they literally tear each piece apart down to the machining of the hardware.

This made vaping explode even further making it even more suitable to say that vaping is definitely not dying out.

Is Vaping Dying Out? Short Answer No, Here is Why!

As stated above we have all these devices, manufacturers, ejuice producers, etc. Now let’s think about one final and very important measure before we wrap this up. Look at how big vaping is currently, look at how many people use a vape device each and every single day.

Additionally look at all these companies and jobs that were created just because of vaping. Now just think for a second being how big it is and all, what would actually happen if vaping actually got outlawed/banned completely from the world.

The catastrophic outrage that would happen would literally be insane to even think about which is what leads us up to our final fact on why vaping is not dying out. It’s simply put, way to large now for it to go anywhere.

Now sure technically speaking something could happen and make it to where vaping was completely outlawed. I’m sure it’s probably been discussed at one point and time, the biggest problem is, with how fast it grew and exploded and went viral, it’s too late for it to go anywhere.

Now while this is our own opinion I’m sure were not the only ones that think this way. As you sit here and read this and start to think to yourself “yep, the world would probably go nuts if vaping went away” and start to understand just how big of a market and community it actually is; you will quickly realize that it would be devastating and a HUGE deal would be made out of it.

Could it potentially happen, yes it could, will it probably happen, no it probably wont.

But then we have that community of people that are like “we don’t know what vaping will do to us long term.” While they are absolutely right there is just one small piece of the puzzle they are missing, we know what smoking does to us, do we still choose to do it anyway, yes we do.

We may not know everything that there is to know about vaping but one thing we are certainly sure of, it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Please be aware that anything discussed here is completely opinionated, do not take anything stated here to heart or personally, this is just out opinion based on the information we are given. Additionally though for you vapors out there, don’t forget to check out our other posts by clicking here.

We hope you enjoyed this article, and hope you jump in on the discussion and leave your thoughts on what you think!

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