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Organic Vape Juice fact or fiction?

The term “Organic” has been the buzz all throughout the food industry for years now but has it finally made its way to the vaping industry? Organic vape juice is no longer fiction but what really is organic vape juice and should I get it? Let’s look at the quick answer then see if it’s really right for you.

Organic vape juice is a term mainly coined for “all natural” vape juice or 100% VG juice. Very rarely is organic vape juice certified, few companies go through the struggle. But for those seeking an all natural alternative to vape juice then look no further organic juice is for you.

Can Organic Vape Juice exist?

In the world of vape juice heck in the world of food, we are used to everything full of synthetic products and vape juice is no different. Most vapers are used to the term propylene glycol (PG) and flavor additives.

Both are synthetic, for something to be organic it must not have any additives chemical or otherwise. As we talked above the term organic vape juice is commonly just a term used to refer to “all natural” vape juice. They will take out the PG and sick with 100% VG and possibly even only use natural flavorings.

Organic is much more than that and reaches much farther then you think. Organic is defined by Merriam-webster “Here” but the short of it is a product with no chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides used in its creation or growth.

So to answer the question “Can organic vape juice exist?” yes! Well kinda. Each step in the creation of the juice must be organic so let’s take this step by step

                            Organic Vape Juice is not as easy as it would seem!

Nicotine! Most people when you think about organic juice forget about arguably the most important part of every juice. The nicotine itself must be grown organically and come not from some bulk industry produce but from a recognized organic nicotine vendor.

Need 100%VG no PG. Most juice on the market has both PG and VG in it because in simple terms VG brings the clouds and PG brings the flavor. But for an organic juice, you need 100% Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Wait there’s more not only do you need the VG but the VG needs to also come from organically grown Vegetables!

In the end, the hardest piece of the puzzle is flavoring. All the crazy flavors that we know and love unfortunately just aren’t possible organically so any flavors organically derived will be very basic and typically are from the stronger tasting things in nature.

Organic vape juice is possible but as you can see requires a lot of care to be taken in the creation of the juice and it ingredients also if they truly want to be organically certified they must have a facility to make the juice that passes the standards for extraction and creation of the juice.

Is it worth it for my health?

This is the next natural question, great this company took great care to have organic everything but is it really worth opening my wallet more and getting organic juice?

I am no health expert lets be realistic we are all here because we vape nicotine. But ill layout for you what I know and let you be the judge if the pros are worth your hard earned cash.

One of the first pros is you know great care was taken in the making of your juice. Wait a second I know that sounds mundane but think about it. These companies have to follow even stricter standers then typical juice makers.

You can have that extra peace of mind knowing that your juice was made in one of the cleanest and regulated environments possible.

As we talked about before the nicotine in the juice is all natural organic ingredient as well through the effect that can have on your health I can’t say but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt.

Another factor is no Propylene Glycol (PG) it comes from petroleum and is one of the main ingredients in most none organic vape juices. PG is the vape juice’s flavor carrier amplifying flavors in the juice.

Its also know to cause many people allergic reactions with a variety of effects. In the end, we know to put anything synthetic into our lungs isn’t good especially if your body reacts to it negatively.

Finally, organic vape juice will be free of the chemical known as Diacetyl. It is the additive in the juice that gives that popcorn butter flavor almost all major juices use it to sweeten the flavorings.

A lot of scares have been stirred up over this compound there was an incident were popcorn factory workers inhaled Diacetyl causing them to develop lung diseases.

Vape Juice/Hardware Subscription!

It is important to note that these workers were inhaling large amounts of it every day much more than you could ever get vaping.

But the fact remains true that it can scar the airways of the lungs and cause issues. Any juice that’s organic is free of such compounds.

But can it taste as good?

Health is important but realistically if we can’t get the same experience then most people will choose another option. So can all natural organic vape juice taste as good?

The sad reality is no it cant. Well, at least not in my humble opinion. Now let me explain myself before you get up in arms. Like most people, one of my favorite things about vaping is all the different flavorings.

Yes, the battle is hard to find that one juice that clicks for you, that you just love but when you do sitting back and puffing away is one of the most satisfying experiences of vaping.

When you chose to go with organic vape juice the variety of flavors instantly shrink down. Gone are the caramel glazed covered donut flavors.

Taste is personal  in the end its up to you!

Now is this a negative again ill say it’s up to you if you take the time I’m sure you can find a favorite flavor but I’m not convinced its as good even if it is a healthier alternative. Naturally with no PG in the juice the best way to describe it is the flavors are muted.

Unfortunately, it’s just the price you pay when going with organic vape juice in this vapers opinion. But please get your self a bottle and try it for yourself I’m only here as a fellow vapor sharing what I have learned over my journey.

How not to be scammed!

You’ve done it you’ve decided to take the leap and make the change to organic vape juice! I want you to learn from my mistakes as I was shopping for organic juice. If you remember at the beginning of this article I talked about how many juice companies us the term “organic” more as a marketing ploy then anything else.

They will use it for juice that in fact isnt 100% organic or organic certified. Instead, they will slap a none official organic label on their VG only juice or only natural flavoring juice. Dont be scammed by fakes!

As we just talked about to be truly organic takes much more effort than just using a natural ingredient or making it VG. The trick is one doing your research into the company you’re trying to buy from.

Make sure your making an informed decision!

For me, the USDA regulates the organic certifications make sure you find out who the official regulator for your country is and get familiar with there logo. Any company that took the time and effort will proudly display the certifying logo on their site or bottles of juice.

I will say this but be careful there are some companies that have 100% organic juice but just dont have the certification yet, they are still in the prosses of submitting everything. Is this just a ploy to convince us of something thats not true.

Or is it committed companies to provide us with true organic vape juice? I’m not here to tell you what’s right but please be careful and do your research!

Recommended Vendors to Try

Let me say now I’m not vouching for any of these companies or the products they provide but I thought id recommend some of the Organic juices I tried to help you start on your journey.

Dont take my word for it please do your own research and if you find anything out please leave a comment on this post and let us all know so we can help each other out.

Vape Organics

From what I can tell they are a true Organic vape juice site. Seem to have the proper labeling and have the certified USDA certificate viewable on the website.

Kind Juice

This is an example of a company that claims to be all natural and seems to be legit but unfortunately doesn’t have any true certification that I was able to find I leave it up to you.

Virgin Vapors

Another company that has proper USDA certificate displayed. For all accounts and purposes seems to be a legit Organic vape juice site.

The above are what i found im sure theres much more out there!


Yes, the question is answered you can get Organic vape juice though not as easily as it might seem. If you’re just getting started in the world of vaping and need some help feel free to check out our other posts.

Or shoot us a question on facebook we are happy to help. For a cheap option to get started I recommend reading Good Cheap Box mods. 

It will get you started without breaking the bank. For all those veteran vapers out there may your clouds be big and the Organic juice taste amazing!

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