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Behold The Power Of Squonking!

One thing is for sure, if you own a squonk RDA, you’re right there with the rest of the vape community. Squonking has been blowing up in the vape industry and honestly, it’s for a good reason. It’s nice to see a change of things instead of the normal day in day out vape experiences. Today we’re going to be taking a look at some squonk RDA’s and explain why if you don’t have one, you should!

Understanding What A Squonk RDA Is!

We’re all familiar with what a normal RDA is, but what exactly is a squonk RDA?, Well it’s very simple actually, simply thread your RDA on top of a squonk mod, fill it up with juice, and simply start tearing into your atomizer. Inside of your mod is a nice little juice container that you press on, this shoots ejuice up through a hollowed out pin connection and send your juice into the RDA instantly filling her up.

It’s basically an RDA, but not having to drip frequently.

This makes having an RDA much more enjoyable and makes it even easier for people who are coming into RDA’s for the first time. We’ve stated it already if you don’t own a squonk RDA, you’re going to want one after we show you just what these atomizers are capable of.

Should I Use A Squonk RDA?

If your someone that is on the go constantly like a truck driver for a company, absolutely these things are almost mandatory. Now a lot of guys may use a tank or an RTA instead, but with squonk RDA’s out now, there’s literally no need to sacrifice dripper quality. Having a container inside of your box with the ability to just give it a quick squeeze and fill it up makes dripper a breeze.

Instead of having to consistently drip on the RDA it’s literally a quick pop off of the cover a nice little push and your wicked up and ready to chuck the vapor again. Now while squonking hasn’t really blown up in the vape community until now, it’s actually been available for quite some time now.

More and more people are utilizing them every day and even if you’re not on the go, we personally love our squonk RDA just because of how simple it really is. It really does simplify dripping and you don’t even have to shell out a ton of money to get your hands on one as well. With that now in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best squonk RDA’s you can get your hands on without destroying your wallet!

RDA Breakdown!

It should be noted that the list you’re about to see isn’t in any specific order, these squonk RDA’s are just some of the best ones to get started with or even just an overall quality atomizer that you should implement if you decide to make the jump to a squonk RDA.

Drop Bottom Feed RDA!

Would you expect nothing less than to see a Digiflavor product here again? Digiflavor is absolutely tearing up the vape competition and after utilizing their normal Drop RDA, we had to try out its squonk successor and man is it a powerful one.

It’s a simple 24 mm squonk RDA with a beautifully crafted 510 connection. They went with their classic easy to use gold plated 4 post build deck for slapping coils in with ease. The maintained their quality and choice of vape method as well. It performs excellently in single coil mode and dual coil mode so you can achieve the vape style you desire. We slapped a pair of dual coil fused Clapton in this game-changing RDA and man does she chuck out the clouds and flavor!

squonk rda

However, it should be noted that this squonk RDA does come with 2 separate 510 connections so you can run it in normal mode as a normal RDA, and it also comes with a bottom feed pin enabling you to run it as a bottom feed or squonk RDA as well. Digiflavor always hooks a fellow vapor up and just that small touch makes this RDA so much better!

We’re not done yet though, an RDA doesn’t mean anything unless it has superb airflow and that’s exactly what that RDA has. It’s literally perfection. The size and natural air flow of this RDA give you so much control it’s literally impossible to not be able to find the perfect vape experience with it. We never had a problem with a hot drip tip either. We sealed ours off about 1/4 of the way and man it was sheer perfection.

The shape and size of the airflow on the side of the chimney was very carefully crafted and there was a reason each hole is that size and that shape. It’s literally perfection in the chimney area.

Oumier Wasp!

Don’t let this little guy fool you….

The Oumier Wasp has been dominating the vape market and even topped the record charts for quite some time is one of the best squonk RDA atomizers that you can get your hands on. Once again we loved this squonk rda and it’s not just because it can run in squonk mode. Like the, drop it comes with a normal 510 and a hollowed out 510 pin so you can push your bottles and start chucking vapor like no tomorrow.

squonk rda

Particularly most of the vape community went crazy with it for a while due to the fact it was so little it absolutely spat out clouds and flavor with no effort needed. This squonk rda though packs a massive punch even though it’s only built for single coil mode. Don’t let that fool you though, the build deck on this thing is massive and within that build, the deck is a massive juice channel as well.

You can really push a lot of juice into this thing in squonk mode and that’s why it’s a fan favorite. The best part is as well, it keeps up well and doesn’t seem to really eat up juice either making it a very unique rda for this current generation of vape atomizers. Add on top of it a nice color pallet to pick from and you got yourself a really nice vape experience that were sure will bring you many years of enjoyment!

Vape Juice/Hardware Subscription!

Entheon Squonk RDA!

First off, you want massive results, why not throw in a massive RDA? That’s exactly what the Entheon is, a massive RDA capable of squonk mode at your fingertips.

squonk rda

When we say massive the image doesn’t do justice, this is a big RDA and it seriously rips up some massive clouds on demand. The building deck on it is a clamp style but it’s super easy to build on and the juice well below the raised build deck helps you prevent “over squonking” or flooding your coils. The juice well on it holds roughly 2.5-3 mills of e-juice. Additionally, a nice little added touch is the drip tips, you actually get 2 options with this massive squonk RDA, a stainless steel and Delrin drip tip at your disposal.

One thing that may catch the eye though is the airflow option on it. Yes, it is very restrictive, but yes it works very well. It does do an excellent job at keeping your coils cool and the cloud production from it is out of this world. The flavor is great, the clouds are great, and the RDA itself is out of this world!


One of the newer squonk RDA atomizers is the OBS Crius. We expect this one to be one of the more popular ones to be arising in the vape communities. There’s a good reason for it as well… this atomizer is an absolute beast to rip clouds with.

The first thing your eyes will probably instantly be drawn to is it’s oddball looking build deck. It looks confusing but we promise, it isn’t. It’s super simple to build on, the juice well is massive, and yep you guessed it, the airflow is massive as well for it’s size.

squonk rda

Like many others, this squonk RDA is a 24mm atomizer and comes with a wide bore Delrin drip tip. It’s a very simple little RDA but man does she pack a punch. The mouthpiece is almost impossible to get hot and that’s thanks to the air flow as well. They literally hit the build deck at the perfect length away from the mouthpiece giving you a dense warm vape. With a raised build deck as well it’s very hard to overfill this beast making it going to be a popular choice in the vape community.

The airflow is small on the outside on the chimney but man is it huge on the inside, and yes it is adjustable as well. You can run this in single coil or dual coil mode as well giving you plenty of options to experiment with. Were more than positive you will have a great vape experience with this squonk RDA at your disposal.

Pulse 24mm Squonk RDA

Of course, a Vandy vape product would make this list, they are absolutely destroying the vape market right now and everything they come out with is excellent! The Pulse 24 is very similar to it’s a previous adaptation of the Pulse 22. This time however it’s 24mm in size and still maintains all the same features as the 22mm.

The Pulse 24 Squonk RDA actually supports dual coil mode now as well.

The airflow is still as superb as you remember if you used the 22mm pulse, and it also still maintains the same build deck. Technically not a deck as it’s flat and flush but you still get the idea. Now you might be wondering, if it’s a post less deck, how can it have a squonk version of it? It’s very simple actually if you view the image you will notice how deep the channel is and get a general idea of where the coils seat.

squonk rda

Because of the way they seat in there nicely and the way the juice channel is designed, it can actually hold a pretty massive amount of juice in there and it’s actually quite hard to overfill or over squonk. The Pulse 22mm was an iconic piece of vape hardware and we’re positive if you loved it, you will love the pulse 24 squonk rda as well!

Velocity RDA

Yep, another huge RDA that runs in squonk mode. This thing is massive, the build deck is huge, the chimney on it is huge, just everything about it is absolutely massive. It supports up to 3.5 mm coils and it handles them relatively easy allowing you to slam some massive builds in the vape chucker. The airflow design on it is nice giving you a dense warm vape experience but it’s also somewhat restrictive giving you those massive clouds.

squonk rda

The deck is a very familiar face with a velocity style deck on it but it’s super simplified. These guys gave you a ton of room to work with allowing you to put in even some of the most complex builds out there. This thing fits massive coils with ease and it is a bit cotton hungry, but it wicks incredibly well. With the amount of cotton you are stuffing into this bad boy, it literally seems like it takes forever to get a dry hit. There is a clone version of this RDA as well so you can pick it up on the cheap if you really desire and don’t mind a cloned squonk RDA.

Taking The Jump To Squonking

Alright so we know what squonking is, we’ve what a squonk RDA is, now how do you go about switching to them? Well, first and foremost you’re going to need a box mod that supports squonking. Basically, there will a tube/bottle inside of the box mod next to the batteries that you fill up.

Once you’ve filled the bottle up with your desired e-juice it’s now time to remove the 510 connection pin out of the bottom of your atomizer. If your atomizer supports squonking you simply install the new 510 connection but this time pay attention to the bottom. It will be hollowed out leaving a hole in the center where the threads are.

Once the 510 pins is installed simply thread your squonk RDA on top of your box mod and this will seat the atomizer to the box. But your build in and wick it accordingly. Once you have your build and cotton installed go ahead and saturate/break your coils in correctly. Once you begin to notice dry hits for the first time, squeeze the bottle inside of your box mod and this will re-wick your coils!

Now there are some tips you should also know when switching over to a squonk mod. First and foremost, some boxes only contain 1 battery instead, so when in the market for one, pay attention to how many batteries it stores.

Additionally, pay attention to how hard and how much you press on your bottle, over squonking can saturate a coil too much causing spit back and or juice getting into your mouth. We recommend switching to a honeycomb style drip tip just to be safe in case you over drip/squonk.

Is A Squonk Setup Right For Me?

This entirely depends on your vaping preference. We’re on the go quite a bit and hate dripping and driving so we purposely purchased a squonk RDA/box mod specifically for that need. We still tend to break out our normal RDA’s when we’re at home or not doing much. But for the most part, our squonk RDA has always been a great leap for us. If you’re a fan of a dipper and don’t want to drip consistently, then yes a squonk mod is for you.

It really is a unique vape experience and we know they are getting more and more popular every day. We definitely do recommend them as they changed the way dripping is done and even simplified it in an excellent manner. They are a little more picky for wicking but it’s totally worth it in every way shape and forms!

Do you have a squonk setup? Let us know in the comments below, also don’t forget to check out our good cheap box mods to get started or upgrade to!


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